Innovative Solutions
Digital Wood™ Patterns

Digital Wood™ Patterns

  • Features wood graining reproduced from high-resolution scans of real wood
  • Brings warmth and richness to the contemporary aesthetic while still featuring the sleek lines and modern functionality that define Robern
  • Available in six distinctive colors: European Ash, Freijo, Oak Knot, Rosewood Santos, Indian Rosewood and Smooth-Leaved Elm
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Eyezon™ Toplight

Eyezon™ Toplight

  • Optional night light guides you in the dark without straining your eyes and gently lights the cabinet interior
  • Delivers warm white lighting that's much gentler than traditional Hollywood lights
  • Seamlessly integrates with R3, PL and M cabinets
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BRT Modular Lights

BRT Modular Lights

  • Unique Night Light option features soft ambient light for your vanity area
  • Seamlessly integrates into bathroom décor with unique designed mirror lens
  • Non-Dimmable & Dimmable Options available
  • Modular design provides integrated installation with cabinets
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M Series Mirrored Cabinet with TV integrated into cabinet door (TViD)

M Series with TViD™

  • TV integrated in lower corner enables unobstructed mirror use.
  • Electric shelf includes MP3 jack.
  • Cords are hidden within the fully reflective cabinet, for a clean appearance and maximum storage.
  • Adjustable shelves provide ample storage space.
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Medicine cabinet with cold storage compartment

M Series with Cold Storage

  • 42°-50°F range keeps makeup, water bottles and other items cool.
  • Perfect for bathroom, spa or exercise room.
  • Separate cold storage compartment means other areas remain at ambient temperature.
  • Quiet operation (no compressor)
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Uplift mirrored bathroom cabinets

Uplift™ Cabinet

  • Unique, upward-opening mirror enables use with stunning and functional pendant lighting.
  • Spacious, adjustable storage includes interior lighting, concealed electrical outlets, and pull-out magnifying mirror.
  • Cable management system keeps wires neatly hidden.
  • Optional features include organizer shelf, mirror defogger, night light, and interior TV mount.
  • Completely seamless mirror can reach right to the counter.
  • Position-hold technology enables cabinet to be slightly of fully-opened to meet various needs.
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Accessories for vanity featuring outlets, hair dryer organizers, and organizational insert drawers

Vanity Accessories

  • Built-in outlets and hair dryer holster keep counters clutter free.
  • Electrical option locates power in the front of the vanity drawer - where you need it most.
  • Aluminum and glass construction will not warp, rot or rust.
  • Aluminum and glass dissipates heat, so you can put your hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener away while still hot.
  • Optional slim drawer insert provides easy access to makeup and other items that tend to get lost in large drawers.
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Night light in bathroom mirror cabinet

M Series with Night Light

  • Illuminates the room or interior of cabinet for ample light to perform routine nighttime bathroom tasks.
  • Light turns on automatically in low-light conditions.
  • No more fumbling for a switch in the dark.
  • Soft blue light is gentle on the eyes.
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