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A surface that does not form a right angle with the other surfaces it touches. Many Robern cabinets and mirrors feature beveled mirror glass.


The abbreviation for Bi-door with Inset Center. This is an installation of two cabinets on either side of a central inset mirror. Available with Robern's C series cabinets.

California Title 24 energy regulations

A set of minimum standards for the energy efficiency of household items. M Series Reflexion Lights comply with these regulations.


A table or counter top supported by brackets attached to a wall. Available with Robern's MTS Consoles.


A style of art and design that describes a look that is very new. Currently, contemporary design favors a simple, minimal style with large uninterrupted surfaces. Robern's M Series Collection exemplifies contemporary design.

dimmable ballast

A way of configuring fluorescent light to enable dimming. Available with Robern's M Series Dimmable Incandescent Sconce.

door pull

A designated object intended to be pulled in order to open a cabinet door. Handles, knobs, or recessed edges are all examples of door pulls. Available on all Robern cabinets.

dual compartment design

A method of cabinet design that contains multiple compartments. In Robern's M Series cabinet with Cold Storage, one of these compartments is temperature controlled and the other is normal room temperature.

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Any decorative, threaded flange that covers the seam between a post and the base to which is is anchored. Available with Robern EXO accessories.

fluorescent lighting

A method of lighting that uses fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent lighting is long-lasting and requires very little electricity. Available with Robern's Reflexion lighting and M Series lighting.


A function of modular design that allows multiple cabinets or mirrors to be installed directly next to each other, horizontally across a wall. Available with Robern C Series, M Series, PL Series, and S Series cabinets and mirrors. See also: "modular design" and "stacking."


A piece of rubber or similar material used to form a seal between two separate surfaces. Robern's patented SAFESEAL™ gasket is available on all Robern cabinets.


The abbreviation for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, this term refers to a feature of electrical outlets. GFCI outlets are safer than non-GFCI outlets because they reduce the risk of electric shock, especially important in damp environments, such as bathrooms. GFCI electrical outlets are available options in many Robern cabinets.

halogen lighting

A method of lighting based on a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs are long-lasting, offer excellent brightness, and do not dim as they age. Available with Robern's C Series inset mirrors.

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incandescent lighting

A method of lighting based on incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are popular for many household light fixtures due to their low manufacturing cost and easy dimming capabilities.


A basin or bowl outfitted with running water for washing or bathing. Available with Robern's MTS Consoles and DSV Suspended Vanities.


is the abbreviation for light-emitting diode. LED lights work best as a small area light source. Available with Robern's M Series with Night Light cabinet.

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modern glamour

A design style that contains the essence of urbanity and glamour combined with drama and sophistication. Robern's Métallique Collection exemplifies modern glamour.

modular design

Self contained units such as cabinets, lights or mirrors than can be joined with others to create customized designs.

product category

A group of products that are all similar. Robern has 5 product categories: cabinets, lighting, vanities, mirrors, and accessories.

product collection

Products that feature similar or coordinated design across multiple categories. Robern's product collections are A Series, C Series, CD Series, Candre™, DSV Series, Fairhaven®, M Series, Métallique™, and PL Series.

product line

Products that are similar by design style within the same category. Robern's product categories each offer multiple product lines to suit different style preferences.

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recessed installation

A method for installing cabinets that involves placing the cabinet within a hole created in a wall so that the outer edge of the cabinet is flush with the edge of the wall. Available with many Robern cabinets.


A lighting fixture that attaches to a wall with no base on the ground.

semi-recessed installation

A method for installing cabinets that involves placing the cabinet within a hole created in a wall so that the outer edge of the cabinet sticks out from the wall only slightly. Available with many Robern cabinets.


A function of modular design that allows multiple cabinets or mirrors to be installed directly on top of one another, vertically on a wall. Available with the Robern M Series Collection. See also: "ganging" and "modular design."

surface-mounted installation

A method for installing cabinets and mirrors that involves affixing the item to the surface of the wall. Available with many Robern cabinets.


A design style characterized by gracious, understated elegance with the grand style of the 18th and 19th century. Robern's Fairhaven® Collection exemplifies traditional design.


A design style that incorporates aspects of contemporary and traditional design styles. Robern's Cité cabinet exemplifies transitional design.

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The abbreviation for Underwriter's Laboratory, a company that tests consumer products with electrical components for safety. Many Robern cabinet and lighting products are UL Listed for use in damp locations.

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