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Lighting Features

  • Seamless and Flush Aesthetic

    Seamless and Flush Aesthetic

    InLine task lights are designed specifically to pair with M Series and PL Series cabinets. The light front is flush with the cabinet doors for a clean look. InLine and M Series and PL Series cabinets can be configured in multiple ways to best fit your needs. Ganging Kit required if used to mount with multiple cabinets - light comes with ganging hardware on one side. Available in both 30" and 40" heights. Sold in single units (not as pairs).

  • Task Lighting

    Task Lighting

    Integrated task lighting allows for precision grooming. Variable lighting option lets you fine-tune your color temperature between warm (3000K) and cool (4000K) tones.

  • Warm White LED Lighting

    Warm White LED Lighting

    Warm, relaxing tones (3000K) replicate indoor light to help you unwind before bed or ease into your morning.

  • Cool White LED Lighting

    Cool White LED Lighting

    Cool, invigorating tones (4000K) simulate bright daylight to jumpstart your day and provide ideal task lighting.

  • Light Direction and Output

    Light Direction and Output

    The right light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement in relation to the face and body. Robern lighting has been carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light by eliminating dark shadows, experience bright even task lighting, see rich, saturated tone in your reflection and be confident that lighting stays consistent, even for close up tasks.

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    Remarkably accurate color rendering with a CRI value of 90+ and R9 of 50+, so you can see your truest reflection.

  • Energy Efficient LEDs

    Energy Efficient LEDs

    LEDs are energy-efficient, duplicate natural light, and outlast incandescent and flourescent bulbs. LEDs have an estimated life of 53,000 hours. MAX 21 W (for single color 3000K or 4000K). MAX 42 W (for Variable color).

  • Dimmable


    Dimmable LED task lighting to 1% lets you select the ideal brightness for any task, using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home's existing wiring. Recommended dimmer: Lutron C.L Dimmers. This dimmer has full range control, low light adjustment, stops flickering and last setting memory.

  • Aluminum Construction

    Aluminum Construction

    Durable rust-free anodized aluminum and glass construction resists intense moisture of the bathroom environment and ensures long-lasting beauty.

  • Installation


    Lighting can be recessed, semi-recessed or surface-mounted with M Series and PL Series medicine cabinets (6" and 8" deep cabinets can be semi-recessed by 4"). If you choose to surface-mount or semi-recess install your cabinet with InLine Lighting, side kits are available to provide a finished look.

  • Certifications


    This light will operate in high humidity or damp spaces. Electrical components are ETL/UL Certified for damp locations. ETL certified to UL 1598, CSA Standard C22.2 No. 250.0.


Add-on Accessories

  • Cabinet Ganging Kit

    Cabinet Ganging Kit