The powerhouse partnership of Widell + Boschetti began with a chance encounter in a Philadelphia park. Barette Widell was looking to expand her event design company when she met her neighbor, Christina Boschetti, a fashion designer who previously founded the HEM boutique in SoHo.

They knew immediately that they were meant to join creative forces, and they quickly discovered a shared passion for creating bold, luxurious spaces that combine traditional and modern elements in unexpected ways.

We caught up with the design duo and Robern Brand Ambassadors to learn more about their creative process and where they find inspiration.

“Design must reflect the bones of the home — our goal is to accentuate the beauty of the spaces by adding the features we know the home and the client both deserve.” Widell + Boschetti

Q: You both have unique creative backgrounds that ultimately led you to your passion for interior design, and you’ve become quite the tour de force since teaming up. How did your business partnership come about?

A: After our brief initial meeting in the park with our kids, we decided that somehow we would become partners. After a year of doing children’s event design and creating nurseries and kids’ spaces, we realized our true passion was to focus on the interior design portion. 

We started as simple as styling bookshelves or partial room projects. After the first couple years, we had over 75 projects under our belt! We learned so much from the diversity of clients and projects that we gained enough experience to start doing full homes.

Q: As Creators, you partner with clients and homeowners to turn their design dreams into reality. What strategies do you implement to ensure your designs reflect the personality and vision of the client, while staying true to the dynamic style Widell + Boschetti is known for?

A: We take every client and every space into consideration before we start digging deep into the design. The design must reflect the bones of the home — our goal is to accentuate the beauty of the spaces by adding the W+B features we know the home and the client both deserve. 

Our design process starts with sending the client three mood boards. Each mood is unique, but all three will work confidently in the home. The more feedback they give, the easier it is to initiate the design process!

Q: The firm’s use of color — from bright pops to expertly layered neutrals — is particularly fascinating. How do you select your color palette to create distinctive settings from room to room while still creating a luxurious overarching theme in a home?

A: Color palette is derived from the initial moods and the space.  We always ask our clients what colors they lean towards — or away from. It’s all very subjective!

We love incorporating pops of colors through art and accessories while keeping the palette more neutral with hints of color throughout the home. Gone is the stark white bathroom — powder rooms are always the perfect space to go wild with color, pattern, and shape. Primary bathrooms tend to be more welcoming, with warmer colors and wood tones. 

Q: When designing a bathroom space, what are the main design details you focus on to create above-and-beyond solutions?

A: Efficiency! Most of the time, bathrooms have a limited space, so we ensure there is ample room for storage and movement — but the aesthetic needs to shine through.

Robern has the luxury feel while allotting for the most state-of-the art components and elements that our designs require. The classic inset medicine cabinet is our favorite — but we’re loving the newest avant-garde, industrial-esque collections that we’re dying to dig deep into.

Q: From morning through evening, task lighting in the bathroom is vital for presenting the best reflection of you. What role does lighting play in your designs? How can tunable lighting — like the new Tenor Tunable Lighting with SWAY Light Control — help to create a space that perfectly adapts to the client's needs?

A: Hands down, lighting plays a huge role in our bathroom designs. The lighting on the Robern medicine cabinets is the best we have yet to see, especially when applying makeup or shaving. We always accentuate the Robern lighting with an accent light to beautify the space even more.

Tunable lighting is a brilliant idea. Our clients have very specific needs and wants in the intimate setting of the bathroom. It’s all very personal, and the option to be able to adjust lighting is such an innovative feature that will spread throughout the next couple years.