The world's most modular vanity is here.

Discover the possibilities that will allow you to challenge your design capabilities and explore farther. These vanities are a result of high craftsmanship and technological design. Upgrade your existing vanity or night stand and add accessories to infinitely expand the functionality. Everyone's idea of home is different. Whatever the scope of your project, you will find the right solution here.

The Inspiration

Cartesian is the historical foundation of three dimensional planning based on X, Y, Z coordinates (X = width, Y = height, Z = depth). Robern builds upon this mathematical concept, enabling you to create limitless vanity solutions for your
bathroom, bedroom, or any other space that requires storage and styling solutions.

Easy to Design the Vanity of Your Choice

Offering limitless solutions, enabling you to create personalized configurations that fit your unique design preferences, storage needs and the demands of your space.

Modular Design

Customize around your own needs. Expand the functionality by customizing vanities for your bathroom, bedroom, hallway or any space that requires flexible storage solutions.

Drawer Options

Available in plumbing, full and tip our options for concealed storage to keep all of your essentials close at hand. Tip Out Drawer is available only in the 7-1/2" height (H1).

Night Light

The night light provides a soft light that illuminates the drawer interiors to help locate items in the middle of the night.

Organization Kit

Adjustable drawer dividers provide storage right where you need it and prevent items from moving or sliding in the drawer.

Add-On Accessories

Vanity Tops and Sinks

Stone vanity tops are available in Lava Black, Stone Gray or Quartz White and include a separate white rectangular sink. White glass vanity tops with integrated glass sinks can help you build a look you’ll love.

In-Drawer Electrical Outlets

Convenient 110-volt in-drawer electrical outlet supplies power to items such as electric razors, hair dryers and curling irons. This outlet can be paired with an optional hair dryer organizer for the full drawer option.

How to Design Cartesian

A wall hung vanity solution with limitless configuration options.

Determine overall size of vanity starting with width. Choose from multiples of 12", 24", 30", and 36" (Cartesian drawer width options) to create the overall length that you would like. This defines the number of columns and width of each column that you can build upon.

Select Column height based on multiples of 7-1/2" and 15" (Cartesian drawer height options) to create any overall height that you would like per column. Not every column has to be the same height, but all columns must start at the counter top. The ideal height for your counter top is 34-1/2"
off the ground.

Select depth of your entire vanity solution by choosing either 18" or 21". You must choose only 1 vanity depth.

Choose appropriate side kit to complete your vanity solution. You must choose 1 side kit for every exposed side. Side kits cannot be stacked on top of one another. Side kit height options available are 7-1/2" (H1), 15" (H2), 22-1/2" (H3) and 30" (H4). Side kits are sold separately. They are available individually or as pairs. Side kit depth must match depth selected for your overall vanity solution.

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