Married couple Lindsay Joyce and Tomek Gil of 3F Living have built a business in the space where their backgrounds in architecture and interior design merge. Based in Manhattan, 3F Living’s work is focused on how to maximize square footage in an urban environment through smart design and space-optimizing solutions. As part of this work, 3F turns to Robern’s modular medicine cabinets, lighting, and vanities to bring products that offer their clients both beauty, and functionality, in equal parts. To ensure longevity in the spaces they reimagine, 3F Living places emphasis on the strength and usability of designs, as opposed to incorporating fast-to-fade trends.

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” - Lindsay Joyce, 3F Living

By honoring the integrity of smart design throughout each of their projects, 3F provides their clients with an end-to-end renovation process. Through providing architecture, interior design, and project coordination services, they’re able to bring a holistic approach—across all facets of a redesign—to their clients.

“Oftentimes, when we’re working in someone’s home, we really like to empower them to be an integral part of our process. Homes are incredibly personal, and we want every one of our clients to feel a deep connection to the work we put out.”

This mindset, coupled with a design style quiz to help their clients familiarize themselves with their wants and needs, creates an overarching work and communication plan that keeps clients informed, and up to date, on the many moving parts of a home renovation.


Joyce and Gil’s shared attention to detail is a trait that translates seamlessly from renovations, to time spent at home, and all the spaces in between. Working to create symmetry between work and play, the team credits the power that boundaries, balance, and prioritization have when managing multiple worlds. 

It’s the beauty that comes from taking a moment to pause and put intentionality into prioritization and boundaries, that allows Joyce and Gil to work so well together on renovations, at home, and all the spaces in between.

“Like with any partnership, it has its peaks and valleys… but we feel so lucky to spend our days together,” says 3F. “Clear boundaries are also key to maintaining a work/life balance. […] Our weekend away message in a quote that defines the mantra by which we live: “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”

Extending the intentionality that 3F infuses into their day-to-day lives, the duo works to integrate elements of elevation—across technology, design, and workflow—to ensure that each project is as elevated as possible. For example, by leveraging 3D design software, Joyce and Gil can provide a scaled representation of their final design to their clients, gathering feedback and buy-in from the earliest stages of a renovation, ensuring their clients feel just as connected to the process as the team facilitating the work.

When the time comes to research and select products, the duo takes the same meticulous approach that they do to the rest of their design processes. Across lighting, modularity, and customization, they place a strong emphasis on how best to optimize available space in city dwellings.

“NYC bathrooms are typically 50 sq. ft., which is roughly 9’ L x 5’ W. Strategically placed lighting always makes the space feel bigger and more engaging—and the best way to accomplish this is by layering indirect light sources.”

To achieve this goal, 3F turns to Robern’s lighted cabinets—a minimal, clean 2-in-1 product—that eliminates the need for overhead sconces and additional lighting. While illuminating any given room is only one component to a redesign, the team prioritizes products with multiple features, further allowing them to play with space, layout, and functionality.


This level of precision and care permeates each design choice that 3F Living makes when embarking on a project. According to them, designing a dream bathroom to be a sanctuary for beauty, wellness, and relaxation requires five key features:


  1. Large Format Tile – Large format tiling is a great way to make the space feel bigger than it is thanks to no grout lines that make it easy to maintain and keep clean.
  2. Radiant Flooring – Getting out the of shower and stepping on a warm floor tile is truly the most luxurious feeling. It’s the easiest way to pamper yourself.
  3. Layering Lighting – A mix of lit medicine cabinets and accent sconces with vanity lights and a cove light strip on the ceiling or back of a niche – layers of light create a calm serenity that is perfect for relaxation.
  4. Mr. Steam – The ability to take a steam shower with essential oils provides a spa-like experience for the ultimate in relaxation at home. The only thing to be mindful of is having the proper ventilation – but if you can do it, it's totally worth it!
  5. Technology – From towel rack warmers and medicine cabinets with a USB plug and stand for your phone to self-cleaning toilets with a seat warmer and ceiling speakers playing your favorite music while getting ready – tech can take a dream bathroom to the next level.


From hand-selecting subtleties within a renovation, to reimagining entire spaces, Joyce and Gil have found the key to meeting clients where they are, with design solutions that work for them and the spaces they live in. Learn more about 3F Living and see their designs in motion at