Lighted Magnification Mirrors

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  • Wall-Mount

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  • Model Number: 5M0008FLUT76
  • List Price:* $349

Color Temperature: Tunable White (3000K - 5000K)


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Lighted Magnification Mirrors

Lighted Magnification Mirrors

Shine a light and magnify the finer points.

List Price starting at $349

  • Capacitive touch control allows the user to easily turn the light on and off and select the light color temperature (warm white 3000K or bright white 5000K) that is best suited for the task at hand
  • Remarkably acccurate color rendering, with a CRI value of 90+, ensures the truest reflection
  • Freestanding mirror tilts up or down for the perfect angle
  • Wall-mount mirror features a two-point extension and a pivoting mirror face for effortless positioning
  • Freestanding mirror features a power cord so you can take on the go; wall-mount features hardwired installation

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