Situated in central Bergen County, NJ, this single-family home underwent a transformative renovation by Brixwell Investors LLC, enlisting the help of award-winning designer, Michele Alfano, to elevate the home’s architectural finishes, bathrooms, and kitchen. 

Originally a split-level home with three bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms, East Village Circle now encompasses six bedrooms and seven bathrooms; each room connected through cohesive architecture, elevated design, and luxury finishes. 

“From modern vanities to luxurious mirrors, Robern’s products aligned perfectly with my personal style philosophy, as well as the investor’s vision of creating a modern home with the highest quality and stylish solutions,” said Alfano.

Having seven rooms to design—with needs varying from a primary bathroom to a basement space—Robern worked with Alfano to fulfillthe project’s need for customization and modernity. 

“In the primary bathroom, two Islamorada vanities with a deep green hue and brass accents stand against a backdrop of geometric slatted wood-tiled walls. The combination of these elements adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to the space, fostering a harmonious environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.” 

To extend the concept of relaxation, both Round Corner Metal Mirrors above the vanities are flanked by two sets of dimmable Tenor Sconces with SWAY Control, offering the flexibility to adjust brightness at the touch of a button based on need or mood.  

In the five remaining kids and guest bathrooms, 3-dimensional tiles or vibrant patterns were chosen for the walls, adding depth and character to each space. Robern’s Craft, Helden, and Skaarsgard vanities in oak and walnut worked to harmonize with the tiles, infusing each bathroom with texture and tranquility. 

“By envisioning the needs and desires of a hypothetical couple in their 30-40s, spaces were crafted to not only meet their practical requirements, but also resonate with their emotional yearning for a peaceful retreat within their home.”

The inclusion of Robern products throughout the remodel worked to achieve cohesive transitions from gathering areas, to private spaces, allowing future residentand guests alike to feel a sense of grandeur in every room. 

Throughout the entirety of East Village Circle, design, and architectural decisions work in tandem with one another to carry residents from room to room, each one curated to meet the needs of all who will utilize—and revel in—the space.  

The Details 

Project Name: East Village Circle 

Type: Single-Family Residential 


Additional Sanctuaries