Renowned designer Pedram Rahimi of Rahimi Designs was tasked with creating three showcase units on the upper floors of one of the most prestigious high-rise hotel residences on the Las Vegas Strip. He turned to the custom design team at Robern to create awe-inspiring, personalized spaces that would complement the luxury hotel brand while also delivering world-class functionality and amenities to meet every possible need for residents.

Location: Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (formerly Residences at Mandarin Oriental) in Las Vegas, Nevada
Design Team: Pedram Rahimi, Rahimi Designs
Robern Products UsedM Series Medicine Cabinets, V14 Vanities

"When I design, I strive to include everything that someone could possibly want in a space, so that they won’t want to change a thing." Pedram Rahimi, Rahimi Designs

Pedram Rahimi is passionate about defying the norm in design. It is nearly impossible to walk into one of his newly designed spaces without marveling at his ability to marry flawless functionality with exquisite contemporary design.

The three units were located within the Residences at Mandarin Oriental, a prestigious high-rise recently acquired by the Waldorf Astoria. As one of the property’s preferred designers, Rahimi knew the stakes were high. The finer details — like selecting the highest quality of materials and high-end finishes — would be critical to the success of the project, so he would need to choose partners he could trust.

Rahimi discovered Robern products in 2013 during an earlier project with the Mandarin Oriental, and he’s been a Robern aficionado ever since. He knew Robern’s elegant product designs and exceptional functionality would be the perfect complement to this high-profile project.

The three condos ranged from 1,652 to 2,755 square feet, each with floor-to-ceiling views of the Strip. At the start of the project, they were merely grey boxes with concrete floors and a few walls. While this might be intimidating for some, it was exactly the blank canvas Rahimi was looking for, because it allowed him to design every detail to luxurious perfection.

Rahimi focused on selecting products, materials, and features that would elevate every inch of the space. He included upmarket touches throughout his design: marble baseboards; a 66-inch round Jacuzzi tub with an adjacent rain shower and four in-wall sprayers; a gorgeous master suite bathroom with a spa tub and teak-paneled ceiling and floors; a wine cellar hidden behind a piece of art; and even a touch-screen remote-operated toilet. His refusal to compromise on even the smallest details allowed him to create purposeful spaces with one of-a-kind design.

"The beauty, the clean lines, the quality, the thoughtful features — Robern makes my projects pop." Pedram Rahimi, Rahimi Designs

When designing the nine bathroom styling spaces, Rahimi knew it was incumbent upon him to specify products and materials that would exceed expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. So he sat down with Robern’s dedicated custom design team to brainstorm personalized solutions for each room.

Rahimi selected Robern V14 vanities for each styling space because of their sleek, clean lines and extraordinary features. “Whoever created Robern vanities thought out the functionality ahead of time…they thought about the details that will make someone say ‘wow,’” Rahimi said. “They offer so many different configurations, colors, finishes, and options — including in-drawer electrical outlets, the choice to push or pull the drawers, drawers within drawers, and even a nightlight to help you locate items in the middle of the night.”

“When I design, I strive to include everything that someone could possibly want in a space, so that they won’t want to change a thing,” Rahimi added. “Robern products exceed this very high standard and do so in a way that really makes a room pop.”

Rahimi also selected Robern M Series Medicine Cabinets to provide feature-rich storage above the sink. “Somehow Robern finds a way to design products that are minimalist and clean, but also offer unbelievable storage and functionality,” he said. “People are constantly shocked by how these sleek medicine cabinets can hold and do so much. They have integrated electric outlets and USB ports, a programmable night light, mirror defogger, interior illumination, magnetic organization for things like tweezers, and even a safety lock box for personal items or medicine. It’s a true design wonder.”

“The beauty, the clean lines, the quality, the thoughtful features — Robern makes my projects pop,” Rahimi said. “It’s the little things that matter in extraordinary design, and Robern designers have thought through every detail with their products. When you see and experience Robern, it just makes you happy.”

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