Sculpt Lighted Mirrors

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The Sculpt Lighted Mirror Collection presents high-quality lighting in a new way - encased in a museum worthy frame. The collection is available in two unique frame styles - Chamfer and Slim - and in a range of sizes and fashionable, coordinating finishes. The frame's precise design includes a 3/8" gap between the edge of the mirror and the frame to allow for even task lighting. To learn more, visit

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Mirrors Features

  • Frames that Define

    Frames that Define

    The Sculpt Lighted Mirror Collection includes two frame styles: Chamfer and Slim. The angled design of the Chamfer Museum frame adds dimension for a unique look that pairs well with transitional and traditional environments. For a shadow box effect and to complement a modern aesthetic, the sleek profile of the Slim Museum frame creates a minimalist look.

  • Finishes & Styling

    Finishes & Styling

    Each museum frame is available in popular finishes such as matte gold and matte black for a statement look or chrome and polished nickel to coordinate with other finishes in the space. They come in an assortment of styles and sizes to accentuate and meet the needs of a variety of styling spaces.

  • Meticulous Design

    Meticulous Design

    Museum frames showcase the lighted mirror by featuring a 3/8-inch gap between the edge of the mirror and the overall frame. This kind of precision design allows for even task lighting, high CRI and lumen output so you still see your truest reflection.

  • Warm White LED Lighting

    Warm White LED Lighting

    Warm, relaxing tones (2700K) replicate indoor light to help you unwind before bed or ease into your morning.

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    Offers remarkably accurate color rendering with a CRI value of 90+ and R9 of 50+, so you can see your truest reflection.

  • Optimal Light Direction and Output

    Optimal Light Direction and Output

    The best light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement in relation to the face and body. These lighted mirrors have been carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light by eliminating dark shadows, experience bright even task lighting, see rich, saturated tone in your reflection and be confident that lighting stays consistent, even for close up tasks.

  • Lighting Specs

    Lighting Specs

    Robern lighted mirrors have been carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light. 1. Based on a measurement of a subset of sizes, shapes and lighting styles. 2. Measured at 18" from center of the mirror.

  • Defogging


    Defogging technology using a standard wall switch, ensures a clear reflection, so a steamy shower won't slow down your mornings.

  • Smooth, Flicker-Free Dimming

    Smooth, Flicker-Free Dimming

    Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task, using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home's existing wiring. The mirror’s LED task lighting provides a continuously dimmable brightness to 1%, exceeding Title 24 requirements (= 10% minimum dimming level).

  • Ease of Installation

    Ease of Installation

    Plug and Hang System makes installation effortless. Power cords are installed for easy plug-in installation, eliminating the need to bring back an electrician a second time to hardwire the mirror. An electrician is needed to install an outlet behind the mirror. The pinch cleat mounting system provides strength and simplicity to the installation process. Once mirror is received, install the pinch cleat mounting hardware, plug in the cords and hang. An additional benefit is that you can take the mirror with you if you move, by simply unplugging from the wall.

  • Supports Title 24 Compliance

    Supports Title 24 Compliance

    Title 24 is an energy code required by California to reduce the overall consumption of energy use by luminaires. For Title 24 compliance in residential and commercial projects, Sculpt Lighted Mirrors have an option that are certified as High Efficacy with up to 60% more lumen output* with a CRI value of 90+ and R9 of 50+. This means the Title 24 Certified LED mirror has up to 60% more lumen output than the standard model. This increases the overall brightness of warm white light that illuminates your space and reflection. For more information on Title 24, visit

  • Damp Environment

    Damp Environment

    Water resistant and will operate in high humidity or damp spaces. The mirror is ETL/UL Certified for damp locations. ETL certified to UL 962, CSA Standard C22.2, No. 12-82.

  • Bulb Life Comparison

    Bulb Life Comparison

    Perfect task lighting and a minimalist aesthetic, provide you with a beautiful mirror that doubles as energy-saving lighting.