11 of the Best Plants for Bathrooms

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October 7, 2022
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Plants in the bathroom can add life to an otherwise neutral space and elevate the environment into one of pristine wellness. Even though you may have plants throughout other rooms in your house, you may want to expand your collection into the bathroom. You may also be looking for an easy solution to counteract moisture issues in a humid environment.

Leafy houseplants outside of a marble bathroom.

Perhaps you’ve heard that keeping plants happy in the bathroom can be difficult, but that's not necessarily the case. If you choose the right plants and follow some simple tips, it’s possible for foliage to thrive, even in a room with low light and high moisture.

Keep reading for our top bathroom plant ideas to add nature and color to your self-care refuge.

Best Plants for the Bathroom

Mixture of potted houseplants.

Tropical plants are considered some of the best options for the bathroom, and it makes sense—a bathroom shares many qualities with the rainforests where these plants flourish. Shower humidity, small windows that provide indirect light, and the fact that this room sees fewer visitors than other areas in your house can make some plants happier.

Ferns for the Bathroom

A fern flowing out of a white pot just outside the door of this white and grey bathroom.

As ferns are water-loving plants, they make great bathroom additions. These plants are perfect for steamy bathrooms, where they can prevent mold and mildew growth by counteracting humidity levels.

Green fern against a white background.

It is best to give your fern bright, indirect light; however, too much light can lead to leaf burn, so try to find a balance. In bathrooms with less moisture, misting your fern’s leaves with a sprayer bottle can keep them happy.

Visual Attributes: Bushy leaves

Lighting: Indirect light

Average Size: 1-3 feet

Growing Tips: Maintain high humidity

Low-Maintenance Succulents

On the right, succulents sit in a pot on this bathroom floor. The corner of an oak vanity is seen on the left.

Succulents require minimal care and water, and they will still flourish even if you leave them for extended periods. This makes succulents ideal candidates for bathrooms that are used less frequently, such as a powder room or guest bath. You can swap out small succulents for changing moods or seasons, storing extras in your luxury medicine cabinets.

Close-up of an aloe vera succulent plant.

Our succulent recommendation is aloe vera, which is highly recognizable and regarded for its medicinal properties. Growing an aloe vera plant in your bathroom keeps it conveniently on hand for you to relieve dry or sunburned skin. Hot showers will provide aloe vera with plenty of warmth that it needs to thrive.

Visual Attributes: Long, pointy leaves

Lighting: Indirect light

Average Size: 1-2 feet

Growing Tips: Keep in well-drained soil

Gorgeous Orchids for Bathroom Plant Décor

A bright white bathroom with double vanity, featuring orchid plants in between each sink.

Orchids are a wonderful choice for placing on luxury bathroom vanities, as they enjoy humidity without direct sunlight. Despite a common misconception that orchids are fussy, they are surprisingly easy plants to take care of for beginners.

Close-up of a white orchid flower

As orchids come in various shades and sizes, you’ll have no issue picking the right ones for your unique style and environment.

Visual Attributes: Colorful flowers and aerial roots

Lighting: Bright, indirect light

Average Size: 12-16 inches

Growing Tips: Water sparingly

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Best Bathroom Plants for Design Aesthetics

A bathing suite, featuring a marble tub flanked by two glass windows, showing towering green plants including monstera deliciosa and fiddle leaf fig.

Often, a quaint accent of greenery doesn’t serve the visual needs of the space. For suites and spas that require a stunning presentation, look for tall and leafy plants with eye-catching elements, such as color variations or perforations.

Create a Rainforest Scene With Monstera Deliciosa

A mature Monstera deliciosa plant with fenestrations, growing in a rattan pot.

As one of the most recognizable tropical plants, the monstera deliciosa makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom environment. You can grow a gorgeous rainforest plant right in your bathroom with the help of indirect light.

A green monstera albo plant with a partially white leaf.

For an added “wow” factor, opt for a monstera albo, a highly sought-after variegated subspecies of the monstera deliciosa.

Visual Attributes: Wide, split-leaves

Lighting: Bright, indirect light

Average Size: 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide

Growing Tips: Water every 1-2 weeks

Feel Proud of Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

white bathroom with fiddle leaf fig

Renowned for its stature and broad leaves, the fiddle leaf fig is becoming a household name among plant enthusiasts. While considered a good bathroom plant, caring for a fiddle leaf fig is not for the faint of heart. It’s not uncommon to go through several fiddle leaf figs before discovering the precise, optimal condition for this fussy plant.

Because fiddle leaf figs prefer indirect light, you should keep your lighting restricted to artificial sources, such as lighted bathroom mirrors.

A fiddle leaf fig plant growing out of a woven basket.

Once you determine the proper conditions, your fiddle leaf fig will reward you by growing tall and leafy.

Visual Attributes: Wide leaves

Lighting: Indirect light

Average Size: 10 feet tall

Growing Tips: Watch for leaf loss; if noticed, adjust your care

Add Tropical Elegance With a Bird of Paradise

A mid-century modern bathroom with plants as decorations in the corner: specifically bird of paradise and a snake plant.

Also called a crane flower, the bird of paradise is a flowering plant that resembles the tropical bird with the same name. Late winter and early spring are common times for the bird of paradise to flower, but it can bloom at other times when in the proper conditions.

A vibrant Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae) with its distinctive orange and blue petals, surrounded by green leaves.

Visual Attributes: Bird-like flower

Lighting: Bright and direct sunlight

Average Size: 5 feet tall

Growing Tips: Water frequently without soaking the roots

Great Low Light Bathroom Plants: Snake Plants

white bathroom with snake plant in corner

Snake plants are beloved because they are extremely resilient, sometimes thriving even through neglect. They fare best in lower light settings, so consider keeping your snake plant in the corner instead of near the windowsill.

snake plant in bathroom

Visual Attributes: Vertical patterned leaves

Lighting: Indirect medium to low light

Average Size: 2-3 feet tall

Growing Tips: Avoid overwatering

Consider a Pothos for Low Effort and an Amazing Reward

Four green pothos plants trailing downard into a walk-in bathroom shower.
Credit: Curology

Pothos are revered for their easy care and gorgeous vine-like growth. Although its appearance may seem intimidating for newcomers to gardening, you’ll be delighted in the little effort it takes to reap a beautiful green reward.

Green and white leaves of a pothos plant.

Visual Attributes: Trailing vines

Lighting: Indirect bright light

Average Size: 1-4 feet long

Growing Tips: Avoid letting roots sit in water

Best Bathroom Plants for a Subtle Effect

When all you need is an understated finishing touch, the following plants work wonders with minimal effort.

Dried Amaranth

A classically elegant bathroom with dried amaranth inside a decorative pot sitting atop the marble vanity counter.

For a muted approach to bathroom plant décor, add some dried amaranth to luxury linen cabinets or arrange it into a wreath formation.

White Peony

White peony flowers in a white pot sitting atop a marble bathroom vanity.

Add these perennial flowers to your bathroom for a showy presentation.

Desert Cactus

Three cacti in brown pots against a white background; the middle cactus has two orange flowers blooming on top.

The ability of cacti to withstand very dry and hot conditions makes them perfect for bathrooms. Because they are so popular right now and easy to maintain, you should be able to find several variations.

Parting Thoughts on Finding the Best Bathroom Plants

Adding plants to your bathroom is easier than you think. Use this list as a starting point to choose plants that absorb moisture and add beauty to your space.

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