41 of the Best Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

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October 7, 2022
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Is new wallpaper on your renovation wish list? The bathroom is a great place to begin. It is less expensive to cover a smaller area, and simple fixtures work well with almost any bathroom wallpaper pattern. Here are some ideas for how to style bathroom wallpaper for a standout result.

Bathroom Wallpaper and Tile Combo

bathroom wall with a mix of white tile and black patterned wallpaper

Split your bathroom wall with wallpaper on top and tile on the bottom for a distinct and elegant look.

Modern Bathroom Wallpaper With Specks of Gold

White and gold bathroom wallpaper

White wallpaper with hints of gold exudes an unmistakable air of modern luxury.

Earthy Bathroom Wallpaper Design

White bathroom wallpaper with earthy patterns

In white and brown hues, wallpaper patterns inspired by nature bring a sense of coziness and warmth to even the most upscale environments.

Bathroom Wallpaper Design With a Square Dot Pattern

Square dot patterns on bathroom wallpaper

A bathroom wallpaper with geometric patterns in dot-work style brings a touch of Hollywood glamor to this artisanal space.

Gold Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

gold bathroom wallpaper

Even guest bathrooms deserve to have a “wow” factor. Dazzling gold wallpaper will do just the trick!

Gray Subtle Texture

gray textured bathroom wallpaper
Credit: Alena Capra Designs

Bathroom wallpaper with a tactile element adds depth to monochrome interiors, like in this warm gray space.

Tropical Wallpaper Pattern

tropical wallpaper pattern

Design a personal paradise with a single wall of plant patterns to add visual interest and style.

Wallpaper Alternative: Marble and Glass Tile

mixed marble bathroom wall tiles

Looking for something a little more sophisticated for your walls? Try different patterns of marble and glass tile throughout your bathroom's surfaces as an alternative.

Snakeskin Bathroom Wallpaper Design

Snake pattern bathroom wallpaper

Snakeskin prints are a trending interior design choice for those who wish to add an artistic and eclectic element to their space.

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Brushed Blue Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

Textured blue bathroom wallpaper

Blue, textured wallpaper creates a coastal feeling for modern interiors.

Whimsical Jungle Scene

Jungle patterned wallpaper with monkeys in trees

Add playfulness to your bathroom with a vibrant and cinematic display of monkeys climbing trees.

Traditional Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

Subtle neutral bathroom wallpaper

Intricate patterns in subtle colors add the perfect amount of elegance and charm to this traditional environment.

Towering White Tree

Bathroom wallpaper with brown background and white tree

Create a unique yet homey feeling with brown wallpaper contrasted by a stretching white tree design.

Deep Green Foliage

A chic bathroom with black floral wallpaper, a white pedestal sink with gold fixtures, a round mirror, and a white toilet. A window with black trim and a two-bulb light fixture add to the elegant decor.

Dark green wallpaper with plant patterns juxtaposes white fixtures in an enchanting display.

Springtime Bathroom Wallpaper Design

Bright floral bathroom wallpaper
Credit: Grace Kelly

It’s springtime year-round in this pastel paradise. Bright floral wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy to this modern bathroom space.

Inspired by Island Greenery

Grassy green bathroom wallpaper

Bring your tropical vision to life with wallpaper adorned with grassy patterns.

Blue Wallpaper With White Specks

Blue bathroom wallpaper with white specks

Pleasant dark blue wallpaper with sporadic white flecks adds a charming allure to this guest bathroom.

Cozy Green Pine Trees

Bathroom wallpaper with pine tree pattern

Complement green furnishings with green pine tree wallpaper for a cozy and lovable presentation.

Ornate Bathroom Wallpaper Design

Elegantly patterned dark bathroom wallpaper

Detailed, graceful wallpaper takes the nobility of this lush bathroom interior to the next level.

Stately Black and White Design

Black and white bathroom wallpaper

White wallpaper with striking black patterns provides the perfect backdrop to this modern and elegant design.

Sprawling Wallpaper Mural

Classic wallpaper mural

For an eccentric result, you can use wallpaper to showcase a colorful mural. This strategy is particularly effective in traditional bathroom interiors, creating a standout look.

Romantic Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Pink rose pattern for bathroom wallpaper
Credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Turn up the romance and design a Valentine’s Day-inspired spa with wallpaper featuring flourishing pink roses.

Farmhouse Accent Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper in farmhouse bathroom
Credit: KOHLER

If you have a two-section bathroom separated by a doorway, consider applying wallpaper exclusively in one area. By leaving the background wall blank, you create a clean backdrop to the charming wallpaper in the foreground.

Bright and Blue Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Blue and white bathroom wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

Vibrant blue wallpaper with leaf-like patterns can give your space the perfect coastal vibe and add a little brightness to your daily routine.

Old World Meets Contemporary

Old-world style bathroom wallpaper with animal patterns
Credit: KOHLER

Classic charm and modern design elements coincide in this powder room for a magnificent result.

Pink Pineapple Paradise

Bathroom wallpaper with pink pineapple pattern
Credit: KOHLER

Immediately put yourself in a happy mood by adorning a pink bathroom interior with playful pink pineapple-accented wallpaper.

Artistic Flowers

Flowery bathroom wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

Create a captivating scene with distinct floral wallpaper, with a vertical pill-shape mirror providing ample reflection of the beautiful patterns.

Playful Teal Wallpaper

Teal color bathroom wallpaper with white and black dots
Credit: KOHLER

This fanciful wallpaper features a polka dot arrangement, fostering a charming atmosphere in this half-bath.

Geometric Black and White

Black and white wallpaper with hexagonal pattern
Credit: KOHLER

Bring classic luxury into your interior with black and white wallpaper in patterned shapes, reminiscent of the 1920s Art Deco style.

Textured Wall Tiles

A modern bathroom with textured wall tiles, white marble countertop, and a stylish chrome faucet.

Consider tactile tiles as an alternative to traditional bathroom wallpaper ideas. Tile can accomplish the same goals as wallpaper with a more upscale feel.

Historic Art

Dark Bathroom wallpaper with historical mural pattern
Credit: KOHLER

This bathroom takes inspiration from museums and almanacs for a distinguished look with touches of classic extravagance.

Lively Plant Patterns

Dark blue bathroom wallpaper with bright bushy plant pattern
Credit: KOHLER

This bathroom wallpaper idea provides delight by the bushel with a modern take on a classic plant pattern.

Minimalist Design With Rustic Appeal

Rustic bathroom wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

Who says you can’t create a comfy environment in a minimalist interior? Subtle hues of beige and gold on the top half of the wall provide just the right amount of warmth to this stark white bathroom.

Blooming Blue Skies and Birds

Bathroom wallpaper with blue skies, birds, and tree branches
Credit: KOHLER

Colorful birds hop along blossoming trees in this cheerful wallpaper that adds a scenic view to this modern space.

Bursting Bouquet Wallpaper

Black bathroom wallpaper with white flowers
Credit: KOHLER

Add equal parts charm and opulence to your bathroom with a wallpaper that showcases artistically displayed white roses.

White Winter Wonderland

Bathroom wallpaper with snow-covered pine tree pattern
Credit: KOHLER

Featuring dense foliage in shades of gray and white, this wallpaper creates a contemporary yet classic ambiance.

Feeling Peachy

White bathroom with peach-patterned wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

A bathroom wallpaper adorned with images of peaches adds a sense of playful freshness to this white bathroom, complemented by plant décor.

Comforting Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

Floral bathroom wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

This floral wallpaper incorporates delicate forms and verdant colors for a warm and inviting result.

Charming Blue Vines

Off-white wallpaper with blue-colored vines and leaves
Credit: KOHLER

Blue foliage against an off-white backdrop brings a sense of classic calm to this bathroom design.

Golden Sunrise Bathroom Wallpaper Design

Radial sunrise pattern in luxury bathroom wallpaper
Credit: KOHLER

Gold wallpaper with half-circle white rays creates a scene reminiscent of a sunrise and perfectly toes the line between traditional and modern sensibilities.

FAQs About How to Style Bathroom Wallpaper

Can you use peel-and-stick wallpaper in the bathroom?

People who desire a variety of wallpaper choices have long favored peel-and-stick wallpaper. In addition to solid colors, vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in many designs, patterns, and textures. And when the time comes, peel-and-stick wallpaper is easier to remove because of its low-tack self-adhesive backing.

Can you put wallpaper in a bathroom?

You can successfully install wallpaper in most bathrooms. However, you’ll want to consider the likelihood of the wallpaper getting wet. In general, you’ll want to avoid getting the wallpaper overly damp. If it’s a kids’ bathroom that is known to experience splashes of water, or a frequently-used shower with poor ventilation, you may want to skip the wallpaper in favor of tile.

What type of wallpaper is best for bathrooms?

Choose vinyl for the most durable bathroom wallpaper. Unlike conventional wallpaper, 100% vinyl wallpaper does not degrade over time or develop mold in high-moisture environments like bathrooms.

Does wallpaper cause mold?

High humidity, poor ventilation, and using conventional wallpaper can make it more likely for mold to develop. But if you stick to pure vinyl wallpaper and keep the space ventilated, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

How do you protect wallpaper in a bathroom?

Consider using a mold-proof paste, and apply extra underneath any wallpaper close to a shower or bath. You may also want to apply a clear acrylic varnish to the surface of the wallpaper to protect it from heat, moisture, and stains.

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