A Guide to Captivating Coastal Interior Design

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August 18, 2023
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Modern coastal design has outgrown the idea of seashells and weathered driftwood in its use of natural colors, textures, and finishes. Now, you can immerse yourself in beachy relaxation with sleek lines, elements of minimalism, and a color palette inspired by crashing waves and oceanside sunrises. Organic materials and eco-conscious design choices bring the coast to you—no matter how far away you may be.

Whether you live in a sun-soaked, sandy oasis or want to infuse your urban setting with coastal ambiance, get inspired by some of our favorite coastal design ideas.

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White and Wood Coastal Bathroom

A cozy bathroom interior featuring a double sink vanity with mirrors, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, wall-mounted lights, and decorative branches in a vase.

Crisp whites and natural materials are a staple to coastal design—this bathroom features lots of minimalist shapes finished with an understated stain that gives the appearance of salt-washed oceanside living. The wood beams on the ceiling and natural light from the large window bring a soft, cozy glow to the room, evoking a relaxing morning on the seashore.

Light Wood Coastal Design Bathroom

Alt text: A modern bathroom interior with wooden wall paneling, featuring two oval mirrors above a double sink vanity with wooden drawers, decorative lighting fixtures, and green plants for a fresh ambiance.

White walls are prominently featured in most coastal interior designs, but they aren’t a necessity. This bathroom utilizes natural wood paneling on its walls, bringing coastal elements in the form of plant life, clay and woven textures, and nautically-inspired linens.

Let the Light In with Large Windows

A bright and airy bedroom with white walls, large windows showcasing greenery outside, and modern decor including a bed with blue accents, a clock on the wall, and a sitting area.
By artjafara

Natural light from large windows illuminate this white coastal bedroom. Accented by blue and green hues, natural fibers and indoor foliage, its bright aesthetic and black windows create a clean focus on the views outside.

Texture, Texture, Texture

A cozy living room with a beige sofa adorned with blue and white pillows, flanked by two wooden side tables with matching lamps, set against a neutral wall.
By poligonchik

The textured fabric of this sofa, paired with a jute rug and loosely woven throw pillows, creates a sensory coastal experience. Beachy accents are minimal but make a bold statement, avoiding a cluttered appearance and welcoming you to relax in a naturally enticing space.

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Lived-In Linen

A cozy seaside bedroom with a wooden bed frame, blue and white bedding, bamboo blinds, and a view of the ocean through two windows.
By poligonchik

Airy and organic, linen is a great touch for any coastal interior design bedroom. Paired with bamboo blinds, subtly striped fabrics, and bronze light fixtures, this cream-colored linen duvet provides just the right amount of warmth on beachside nights.

Bold Navy and White Coastal Design

A cozy living room corner with a white sofa adorned with blue pillows, a white cabinet underneath a blank picture frame on the wall, and decorative plants adding a touch of greenery.
By artjafara

In contrast with its mostly-white surroundings, this white chair with navy piping evokes a classically nautical feel. Accented by wicker, natural-colored weaves, and live plants, it’s a nod to bolder nautical décor (but without going too far).

Coastal Interior Design: Slip Covers

A cozy and stylish living room with a white sofa adorned with textured cushions, two white bookshelves filled with decorative items and baskets, a woven armchair, and a round coffee table, set against a soothing grey wall, with a beige rug on the floor.
By artjafara

Originating from the need to keep beach-house furniture clean in briny conditions, slip covers have become a staple of modern coastal décor. Easy-to-remove and throw in the wash, they can hold up to significant wear, protecting your carefully curated seating from the elements. Plus, they have a relaxed and easygoing appeal that lends itself well to the coastal aesthetic.

Coastal Interior Design: Stripes

A minimalist interior design featuring a console table with two white lamps and decorative items between them, flanked by two padded stools, with a blank framed picture hanging on the wall above.
By Виктория Ковальчук

Stripes in white and blue suggest a sense of the nautical, especially when paired with white and light-washed wood. Subtle, mono-toned sea life depictions transcend the dated seashells everywhere look for an elevated take on paying homage to oceanic proximity.

Coastal Reading Nook

A cozy living room corner with a beige sofa adorned with blue and beige pillows, a wooden cabinet with wicker detailing, and decorative items such as a lamp, books, and a vase with dried plants on a coffee table.
By Yuri-U

Enjoy your latest beach read in the comfortable glow of a reading room featuring coastal interior design. Natural light illuminates a soft, under stuffed sofa for optimal lounging whether you’re reading, resting, or enjoying a morning espresso.

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Coastal Design Goes Full Circle

A cozy modern bedroom featuring a large bed with white bedding, flanked by two bedside tables with lamps, and three circular wall decorations above the bed. The room has a neutral color scheme with wicker accents and a textured rug on the floor.

Prominently feature circles in your coastal design if you want to create a Zen interior with a sense of harmony and balance. Circular mirrors or wall-mounted baskets can be soothing visually and mentally, and lighted orbs on bedside tables provide a diffused glow when it’s time to wind down.

Coastal Design With Coastal Views

A cozy coastal living room with a light blue sofa, accent pillows featuring sea motifs, a round coffee table, and a large circular mirror above the sofa reflecting the seaside view from the window.
By MuhammadAns

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Beachfront homes have a stunning advantage when it comes to the view. Utilize large windows to create a seamless blend between your home’s interior design and the coast itself. Let the art and color palette complement ocean views with inspiration taken straight from the beach.

Multi-Purpose Coastal Design

A cozy and stylish interior scene with two comfortable chairs with blue cushions flanking a wooden console table adorned with decorative objects, framed art pieces, a lamp, and dried plants. The setting exhibits a serene, coastal-inspired aesthetic.
By YuliiaMazurkevych

Nothing is wasted in the coastal design aesthetic. Vintage or repurposed items like an elegant wood ironing board can be transformed into unique accents that complement other organic shapes and materials.

Coastal Interior Design: Aquatic Life

Alt text: A cozy kitchen interior with a nautical theme, featuring a large painting of a blue fish on the wall, blue cabinetry, and maritime decorations.
By MVProductions

While it may have fallen out of fashion to feature actual fish or sea life as a highlight of coastal design style, a subtle reference here or there can help to round out a coastal design scheme. Be sure to choose pieces that take artistic liberties when depicting sea life to avoid your design becoming cliché.

The Blues: Coastal Design Staples

A cozy coastal-themed living room with a large ocean painting above a sofa, flanked by bookshelves and illuminated by natural light from windows.
By gfx_nazim

Layering shades of blue atop clean, crisp whites and various textures creates a sense of depth and movement. Sink into an ocean of relaxation and surround yourself with cool, hypnotic serenity.

Coastal Vintage Bathroom

A serene coastal-style bathroom with a green freestanding bathtub, white wood paneling, and a view of the beach through an open door.
By KP Designs

Enjoy ocean views or artistic representations from a classic tub. Placing it near a window—especially on the actual coast—gives bathers a sense of oneness with the sea in a tranquil, naturally lit bathroom.

Coastal Interior Design Kitchen

A cozy sunlit kitchen with blue and white cabinets, a small dining area with a wooden table and chairs, and decorative plants near the window.
By gfx_nazim

This kitchen combines many coastal elements to create a truly classic coastal interior design kitchen. From live plants and natural wood, to textured fabrics and shades of blue.

Coastal Elements: Wainscoting

A cozy and stylish living room with a blue sofa adorned with cushions, a framed painting of a sailboat on the sea above it, a coffee table with decorative items, and green potted plants adding a touch of nature to the serene interior. A floor lamp and large windows with white drapes complete the tranquil setting.
By Helmut

Wainscoting is not only an element of coastal interior design, it was created to provide insulation for homes in damp, cold areas. Coastal homes were no exception thanks to their proximity to the water, and the functional wood-paneling has now become a staple of coastal design.

Coastal Interior Design Living Room

A spacious, modern living room with elegant furniture facing large windows that offer a stunning view of a turquoise sea.
By Wendell Maddox

Classic white pairs with light-wood finishes and organic shapes in this open-concept coastal home. Furniture is structured and clean, but the open layout elevates the feeling of relaxation most coastal homes aim to create.

Rustic Coastal Interior Design

A bright and airy beach house living room with white and light blue furnishings, large windows offering a view of the ocean, and plants adding a touch of greenery.
By 3D Station

Exposed beams add a sense of rustic charm and authenticity to complement the natural-yet-tailored feel of coastal design. Their natural texture and often weathered appearance evoke the idea of a beachside cottage and transport homeowners to a simpler time.

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Coastal Interior Design Bedroom

A cozy bedroom corner with a bed adorned with decorative pillows, a bedside table with a turquoise lamp and vase with white flowers, all illuminated by warm, ambient light from a window.
By Blue Planet Studio

Modern coastal design incorporates elements of classic and traditional styles — like ornate floral prints and clean lines — alongside more relaxed elements in the form of textures and colors. The sense of sophistication is what separates true coastal design from a more “beach” feel.

Airy Transitional Spaces

A bright and airy modern room with a stone accent wall on the left, large windows, tiled floor, wooden ceiling, and minimalistic artwork and decor.
By Vadim Andrushchenko

Hallways, foyers, and other open spaces in a coastal home can be repurposed into breezy, relaxing galleries or meditation coves. Bring in items from nature like carefully curated branches, driftwood, or sea glass to accentuate the natural light and organic colors.

Beach House Coastal Interior Design

Alt text: A bright and airy room with blue and white decor, featuring shelves of blue pottery on the left and a dining area with wicker chairs leading to an open terrace overlooking the sea.
By Blue Planet Studio

For homes with covered or partially finished outdoor spaces, don’t be afraid to adorn them in a similar fashion to your indoor areas. Rattan, shades of blue, stripes, and nautical-nodding outdoor lighting complete this home’s coastal aesthetic, even outdoors.

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