40 of the Best Modern Bathroom Designs and Ideas

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October 7, 2022
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A modern bathroom has less to do with following current trends and more with incorporating set qualities to create a particular ambiance. Generally, modern design elements include geometrical shapes, neutral or basic colors, heavy use of natural materials, and minimal decorative elements.

For modern small bathroom designs, the emphasis is on functionality, from the vanity to the medicine cabinet. The goal is to make the space stylish and completely functional for daily use. Get inspired by our list of modern bathroom designs below.

Modern Elegance

modern luxury bathroom with walk-in shower and lighted mirrors

This small luxury bathroom makes the most of its limited space with stylish and functional fixtures.

Glamorous Simplicity

grey textured bathroom

The floating bathroom vanity provides plenty of counter space while exposing the floor to make the room look bigger.

Compact and Functional

modern bathroom medicine cabinet

This modern bathroom makes the most use of the limited counter space by incorporating a magnifying mirror and phone charger inside the medicine cabinet.

Lighted Bathroom Vanity

lighted bathroom vanity with reeded brass design

Both stylish and functional, modern bathroom vanities provide storage and a luxurious look.

Clean and Functional Design

medicine cabinet with an upward lifting feature

This modern medicine cabinet with a sliding mirror offers a hidden space to keep amenities hidden when not in use.

Sleek Vanity and Medicine Cabinets

modern bathroom design with four medicine cabinets and floating double vanity

Matching your vanity to the overall color palette helps the space look bigger, while providing an underneath storage solution.

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Recessed Handles for a Clean Look

wood bathroom vanity drawer handles

Seamless drawer handles offer soft comfort to this solid wood vanity.

Glass Shower Doors Create a Larger Sense of Space

modern bathroom with clean lines and enclosed walk-in shower

By using a glass shower enclosure in a small modern bathroom, the space feels bigger than it is.

Large Mirrors for Small Modern Bathrooms

white bathroom with large lighted mirror and chandelier

A large mirror will provide plenty of reflection to visually enlarge the space.

Neutral Tones and Thoughtful Fixtures

modern bathroom with lighted mirrors

Grey modern bathroom designs help your bathroom fixtures pop. Choose matte black and white fixtures for a distinct yet understated look.

Distressed Fixtures

gold ditressed bathroom vanity

A few distressed pieces, like this floating bathroom vanity in matte gold, can give your modern bathroom a unique touch.

Smart Fixtures Add Security and Functionality

medicine cabinet lockbox controlled by smartphone app

This digital medicine lock box adds secure storage for prescription medications and other valuables.

Backlit Mirrors Add More Than Beauty

backlit mirror in white bathroom

Installing modern lighted bathroom mirrors provides beautiful and functional lighting without needing separate light fixtures.

Modern Square Sinks

square vanity top with sink

Square bathroom sinks for your vanity offer a modern and sleek look.

Double Vanity Saves Time

monochrome bathroom with double vanity

Double bathroom vanities provide space for two to get ready in the morning, reducing stress and adding convenience.

Modern Freestanding Tub

modern bathroom with freestanding tub
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

Freestanding tubs make a dramatic statement and transform your bathroom into a high-end spa.

Integrated Lighting

blue vanity with built-in ambient lighting

As with lighted vanity mirrors, lighted vanity handles provide functional lighting without needing separate fixtures, making it easier to navigate the bathroom at night.

Separate Vanities for More Personal Space

gold and white bathroom with two floating gold vanities

This gold bathroom uses two floating vanities, providing more personal space to get ready in the morning.

Vessel Sinks for Classic Charm

reeded brass vanity with vessel sink on top

Adding a vessel sink provides a unique “wow” factor while serving as an art piece atop your vanity.

Break Up Vertical Lines to Add Interest

modular bathroom vanity

A tiered bathroom vanity setup adds visual interest to your modern bathroom.

Reduce Clutter With Smart Organization

glass bin organizer in medicine cabinet

Free up your counter space by organizing your items in the medicine cabinet. These glass bins are designed specifically as a storage solution for quick access to small items.

Lighted Vanity Mirrors for a Cleaner Look

lighted mirrors

A lighted vanity mirror is a perfect way to get a clean, modern look without the need to install additional lighting fixtures.

Not Just for Medicine

smartphone charger n bathroom medicine cabinet

Modern bathroom medicine cabinets allow you to get ready in the morning without missing an important message. Get a charging station for your medicine cabinet for ultimate convenience.

Combine Styles for a Unique Modern Look

marble bathroom design

Blend traditional design styles with a modern approach to create a completely unique look.

Vessel Sinks Provide More Storage

bronze vessel sink and chrome wall-mount faucet in a bathroom above a lighted vanity

Besides providing a dramatic look to your modern bathroom, vessel sinks allow for more storage underneath your vanity.

Show More of Your Bathroom Floor

white bathroom with black vanity

Small modern bathroom design utilizes more floating and freestanding fixtures to display more of the floor, giving the illusion of a bigger area.

Modern Means Thoughtful

medicine cabinet

Thoughtfully designed bathroom products, like this in-cabinet magnifying mirror, can be conveniently stowed inside your cabinet to help eliminate clutter.

Use Space Behind the Walls

medicine cabinet and vanity

By recessing the medicine cabinet, you can use the space behind the wall, and when not in use, it enhances the minimalist modern design motif.

No Wasted Space

lighted medicine cabinet

Modern bathroom design makes use of every possible inch for efficient functionality. By incorporating a mirror inside the medicine cabinet, you can get easily grab your products while applying them.

Modern Goes Against the Grain

textured bathroom vanity and wall

Don’t be afraid to take an unconventional approach to modern bathroom design. With the vanity having the same textured shade as the wall, it creates a more seamless design and makes the white counter pop against darker surfaces.

Use Bright Colors to Create Drama

white bathroom with blue vanity

Modern doesn't have to mean colorless. Reds, yellows, blues, and greens work as well. If it's a saturated hue and used as an accent, it can enhance your modern bathroom design.

Use Texture to Create Movement

white modern bathroom design with mosaic tile wall

The rough textured wall gives the allusion of movement when contrasted against the vanity.

Smart Solutions for Modern Bathrooms

smartphone charging inside of a medicine cabinet

Stay connected without cluttering your countertop with a medicine cabinet outlet upgrade.

Dramatic and Practical

A modern shower fixture with a large overhead showerhead and additional handheld attachment, against a tiled wall with a grid design. A wooden slated bench is partially visible through a glass partition.

Consider installing a chrome shower system against geometric tiles for a distinct result.

Floating Vanities for a True Modern Look

floating modern vanities and lighted mirrors

A floating bathroom vanity is best suited for a modern bathroom. The sleek look of the vanity and under-cabinet lighting adds a modern look and provides storage underneath.

Combine Fixtures for a Unique Design

modern bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet

These two vanities are connected via a ganging kit, providing ample storage and a seating area to groom and beautify.

Easy Upgrade

white modern bathroom

Robern R3 series mirrored cabinets make adding a new look to an existing bathroom easy.

Inline Lights Make Getting Ready Easier

lighted bathroom mirror above console sink

A vanity mirror with lights offers gorgeous task lighting with a minimal appearance.

Modern Bathroom Vanities Anchor Small Spaces

white modern bathroom with vanity

The vanity does most of the heavy lifting for small modern bathrooms by being the dramatic piece that sets the overall tone.

Match the Floor and Wall

modern bathroom with marble grey walls

This small modern bathroom design makes it look much bigger than it is, thanks to the floor and walls being so similar. This technique makes the space seem endless because there are no hard borders.

Modern Luxury Made Simple

At Robern, we believe the bathroom should be a custom-made space to pamper and relax. Explore more bathroom design inspiration and see how our innovative products can help you create a truly bespoke result.

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