Fresh Contemporary Bathroom Ideas for the Trendsetter

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December 28, 2023
Robern Design Solutions

Selecting the ideal elements for your contemporary bathroom design becomes an effortless journey with Robern. Our designs seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with unparalleled functionality, ensuring every detail contributes to a cohesive and luxurious atmosphere.  

From the shower to storage space, the goal is to create a cohesive and modern aesthetic that still meets the practical and functional needs of the room. Details like where to store styling tools and bathroom essentials must be balanced with design considerations like texture and furniture materials.  

Discover inspiration for your contemporary bathrooms with Robern’s curated list of designs and ideas for blending style and function.

Stand Out With Contemporary Medicine Cabinet Shapes

Elevate your bathroom's ambiance with Robern's uniquely shaped medicine cabinets. The elegant, pill-shaped designs transcend conventional styles, harmonizing with elements like vessel sinks to create an environment that is both visually captivating and welcoming.

Keep Lines Clean In Your Contemporary Bathroom

The contemporary aesthetic is all about clean lines and simple shapes. Here, the sharp edges of the modular vanities and lighted mirrors contrast the curves of a vessel sink and stool, creating a delightful place to get ready or wind down.  

Embrace the Wet Room Concept

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Wet room bathrooms blend the shower with the rest of the space, often separated by a screen or even nothing at all. The result is a spa-like area that feels more open and luxurious.  

Experiment With an Asymmetrical Vanity

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For extra storage and a striking look, consider unique contemporary vanities for bathrooms, such as adding a second cabinet to your vanity at a lower height. Here the gray of the cabinet on the left pairs well with the walls and provides additional storage space.  

Coordinate Your Contemporary Vanity and Linen Cabinet

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Contemporary design works best with thoughtful coordination. If you find a contemporary bathroom vanity you like, consider purchasing a linen cabinet to match. These modern cabinets offer ample storage space, as well as room for decorative touches on the open shelves.  

Install a Lighted Mirror for Extra Illumination

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Illuminate your bathroom with Robern's lighted mirrors, a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. These mirrors offer contemporary bathroom lighting with an inviting ambiance. Lighted mirrors are the perfect solution for illuminating up-close work, such as shaving or applying makeup. Integrated light strips keep decorative sconces and chandeliers out of the picture, leading to a sleek look.

Be Bold With a Contemporary Shower Enclosure

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Make a bold statement with your contemporary bathroom design by using thick, dark lines and minimal décor. This shower enclosure has a modern look that pairs well with the floating vanity.

Contemporary Wall-Mounted Vanity

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Instead of a traditional vanity that touches the floor, a wall-mounted cabinet creates a more contemporary feel. Plus, you can add baskets to the space underneath and enjoy extra storage for bathroom essentials.  

Perfect Symmetry: Matching Mirrors, Sinks, and Linen Cabinets

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For a double vanity sink, why not go all out with the symmetry and add matching linen cabinets as well? In this design, each side of the vanity feels perfectly in tune with the other, creating a cohesive feeling.  

Go a Little Off-Center  

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Adding a little extra drawer space to the side of the vanity allows you to create a fun, off-center design with the mirror centered above the sink but not the cabinet. This design, combined with floating shelves, creates a contemporary bathroom space that is both functional and visually engaging.

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Get Up Close and Personal With a Magnification Mirror  

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Enhance your daily routine with Robern's magnification mirrors. Designed for precision and ease, these mirrors provide up-close views, making tasks like makeup application or shaving more effortless than ever.

Experiment With Varied Textures

While an all-white bathroom can feel plain, adding a variety of textures can transform it into a sophisticated design statement. The half wall of brick-like tile paired with a marble texture below creates visual interest, ideal for small contemporary bathrooms.

Craft an Elegant Space

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The smallest details can have a profound effect on your design, like this graceful bench, ideal for draping an extra towel or taking a seat during your morning routine. Paired with luxury bathroom lighting, the result is a truly stunning design.  

Contrast Dark Colors With Gold Accents

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Dark furniture pairs well with gold elements, as seen in these stunning cabinets. Add extra hints of gold in other details throughout the room, such as in contemporary bathroom mirror frames, light fixtures, and faucets.

Enjoy Convenient Storage for the Modern Routine

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In-drawer storage keeps your essentials organized and simplifies your daily routines. With built-in outlets, you never have to struggle to plug in your blow dryer, electric razor, or smartphone.  

Create Elegant Storage With Glass Bins

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Even with a spacious medicine cabinet, things can still become cluttered. Contemporary bathroom ideas like glass bins allow you to store small items and ensure everything is within easy reach.  

Embrace Minimalism With Your Walk-In Shower  

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An alcove in the bathroom can be the ideal place for a walk-in shower. With an extra screen, you can hide away the toilet in the same area, leaving the rest of the room open.  

Chrome Bathroom Shower Enclosure

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Contemporary bathroom design favors bold statement pieces, like this shower screen with thick lines and gentle opacity.  

Expand Your Vanity Space

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An extra lighted mirror over a double vanity, as well as space in between the two sinks, makes the bathroom easier to share and keeps everyone’s routines running smoothly.  

Add Another Cabinet for Extra Storage Space  

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Not enough space in your wall-mounted vanity? A smaller version just underneath provides a full extra set of drawers, as well as storage space in between for extra towels and other essentials.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

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If your contemporary bathroom has large windows, let the sunshine in and play with light surfaces and shining fixtures that will easily reflect the light. Pair with elegant vanities for a visually striking design.  

Hide Storage With a Recessed Linen Cabinet  

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While open shelves are a fun concept for contemporary bathrooms, a linen cabinet with doors allows you to subtly store multiple items out of sight.  

Add Warm Wooden Details

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Modern designs with lighter colors can often feel cold, but the addition of wood elements, like this bench, stool, and storage ladder, can bring a much-needed warmth to the space.  

Pair Dark Colors With Subtle Light Shades

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A dark accent wall can be visually striking. When paired with lighter elements, like this brass cabinet and patterned countertop, the result is a high contrast that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Dive Into Minimalism With a Lighted Mirror  

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Keep things simple with the minimalist contemporary mindset, where only the essentials are on display. This lighted mirror cabinet allows for plenty of illumination while getting ready.

Combine Mismatched Tiles

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Who says you have to choose just one tile pattern for your contemporary bathroom design? Experiment with different patterns on the floor, walls, and inside the shower for dramatic effect.  

An All-White Design Feels Spacious

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A white bathroom creates a feeling of openness and leaves you plenty of opportunities to add striking pops of color.  

Pair Textured Walls With Minimalist Furniture

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Instead of décor or furniture, the wall behind your vanity can be your design centerpiece. The texture on this wall draws the eye and reflects light, pairing well with the simple contemporary cabinet.  

Create High Contrast: White Cabinets and Dark Walls

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Black and white is a classic style for a reason. Dark walls with white furniture are visually compelling and make a bold design statement.  

Hide Built-In Storage With a Medicine Cabinet

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Built-in, recessed storage provides you with extra space outside for storing small items.

Embrace Bright Details  

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A small pop of color can make your contemporary bathroom design stand out. The bright lines on this vanity cabinet create a fun centerpiece for the room and open up décor options.

Contemporary Silver Accents

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A more subtle metallic option than gold, silver fixtures can add a shining glimmer to any design.  

Go Round With a Lighted Mirror

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Your mirror choices aren’t limited to squares or rectangles. Consider other options, like this round lighted mirror, to finish out your vanity space.  

Install Pendant Lighting

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Pair a contemporary design with pendant lighting for maximum stylistic effect and a sophisticated urban look.  

Add an Extra Cabinet for Storage  

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Bathrooms can never have enough storage. Hide away your extra essentials in this convenient additional cabinet added on to the end of the vanity.

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