38 of the Best Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas

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October 7, 2022
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The bathroom should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A well-designed bathroom conveys or complements the rest of the home while providing full functionality. Luxury doesn’t mean non-functional; the right luxury master bathroom vanities can help anchor a room while setting the tone.

Below we have created a list of luxury master bathroom ideas to inspire your relaxing sanctuary. Whatever your design preference, from lavish luxury to sleek minimalism, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration here.

Luxury White Master Bathroom Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a white bathroom, and with just the right additions and fixtures, you can instantly elevate this space to a luxurious retreat. These luxury white master bathroom ideas range from those with ample room to smaller spaces.

Elegant and Refined

large open layout white bathroom with tub, shower, and two vanities

With a clawfoot tub, open shower, and double console vanities, this master bathroom perfectly combines modern and traditional. The design uses gold fixtures and gray tiles to make the white pop even more.

Large White Luxury Master Bathroom

white bathroom with walk-in shower and two vanities

The modern freestanding shower is a natural divider in this spacious modern white luxury bathroom. While the white-on-white motif elevates the room, complementary neutral tones add comfort.

Small Luxury Master Bathroom

white bathroom with gold accents
Design by Patrice Nichole Rios, Photography by Keith Trigaci

Here’s another luxury white master bathroom idea, but on a smaller scale. The scalloped shower wall adds interest, while the vanity offers plenty of storage, and brass fixtures shine with brilliant elegance.

Spa-Inspired White Luxury Master Bathroom

white bathroom with gold accents and lighted mirror

The floating vanity in this spa-inspired bathroom helps convey a large space, and the classic subway tiles add just enough texture without being distracting. Accessorize with live tropical plants, like ferns or monsteras, and your worries will melt away.

Ultra-Modern White Luxury Master Bathroom

white modern bathroom

A minimalist design uses glass doors and metal fixtures for an ultra-modern result. Classic and timeless touches, like marble floors and a wood stool, add charm and balance.

Parisian Inspired White Master Bathroom

white bathroom suite with three-panel adjustable mirror, oak vanity, and chandelier

The rounded-corner vanity serves as the centerpiece of this room, with mosaic flooring and stone tile walls completing the look.

Traditional White Luxury Master Bathroom

large bathroom with a dark oak vanity, claw-foot tub, and two scalloped mirrors

Traditional through and through, this bathroom thoughtfully uses dark wood vanity, hardwood floors, and touches of farmhouse sophistication. A traditional bathroom will always feel right at home.

Minimalist White Luxury Master Bathroom

modern monochrome bathroom with grey walls and white bathtub
Design by Twig and Trove, Photography by Werner Straube

Less is certainly more in this minimalist approach to a white luxury master bathroom. The brilliant use of the same paneling on the walls and floor makes the space look much more spacious.

Narrow Luxury White Master Bathroom

white narrow bathroom

Galley bathrooms have ample length, so fixtures must make the most use of vertical lines. This bathroom uses a marble and wood-paneled vanity to break up the vertical lines while adding depth and texture.

Nordic-Inspired Luxury White Master Bathroom

wood and white bathroom

Clean lines and natural wood fixtures create a sophisticated and minimalist result.

Contemporary White Master Bathroom

white and grey bathroom

In this bathroom, the tub is thoughtfully tucked away in the corner, adding privacy and opening up the room.

Mid-Century Inspired Luxury White Bathroom

elegant white bathroom with freestanding tub and console sink

Inspired by post-World War I influences, this bathroom uses marble and floral patterns to add a classically romantic feel.

Modern Urban Inspired Luxury White Master Bathroom

white bathroom with matching white vessel sink and white bathtub.
Photography by Steven Ungermann

This bathroom has an urban feel while still providing a relaxing atmosphere thanks to the rounded fixtures and live plants.

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Ultra-Modern Luxury Bathrooms

While white is the classic color for a bathroom, the addition of color can create a distinct appeal. These ultra-modern luxury bathroom ideas borrow little from the past while focusing on sleek functionality.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

modern bathroom with lighted vanity and mirrors

Simple yet exquisitely refined, this bathroom leans into a minimalist organic feel with a herringbone floor and gray slate walls that complement the wood tones. A floating vanity and lighted mirrors help push this bathroom into the modern era.

Sophisticated and Industrial Master Bathroom Idea

bathroom with open concept design, featuring grey walls, a shower on the left with matte black fixtures, and black and gold vanity on the right with double sinks and two lighted mirrors above.

With an ultra-modern vanity and minimalist décor, this bathroom will never go out of style. The marble walls have just enough depth, but the refined fixtures do all the talking.

Ultra-Modern Industrial Bathroom

master bathroom with freestanding tub on left and walk-in shower on right

This bathroom pulls off a modern, industrial look while providing plenty of warmth. Mixed tile adds airiness and movement, while the deep soaking tub helps anchor the room.

Mid-Century Modern White Bathroom

white modern bathroom with grey floors
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

With a nod to mid-century architecture design with the sharp-angled tub and glass-doored shower, this bathroom uses white in just the right places.

Gold Ultra-Modern Luxury Master Bathroom

gold modern master bathroom

The bold gold fixtures and backsplash in this bathroom are elevated by the smart use of white accents.

Modern Luxury Bathroom With Gold Vanity

gold and white master bathroom

With the right vanity, a gold bathroom will exude elegance. This vanity smartly breaks up the use of gold with a distressed metal finish.

Bold and Modern Luxury Master Bathroom

black bathroom

Warm satin bronze meets a matte black vanity, and sharp angular fixtures give this bathroom a masculine feel.

Modern Marble Luxury Bathroom

grey marble bathroom
Design by CM&D Inc. Photography by Michael Jones

The generous use of mixed marble and stone gives this bathroom a cool organic feel, while the white vanity brings the right amount of warmth to the space.

Nordic-Modern Luxury Bathroom

modern bathroom with nordic elements

Using rich, lightly colored woods with a floating vanity and honeycomb tiled floor, this bathroom expertly blends the modern look with a stately Nordic style.

Luxury Modern Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

A modern bathroom with a symmetrical design featuring a freestanding white bathtub, two vanity areas with mirrors, and a central fireplace against a dark patterned wall.

A freestanding tub acts as a natural partition between the two vanities in this suite, making the space feel roomy yet intimate.

Luxury Master Bathrooms With Artistic Elements

Mix design motifs from different eras or add statement pieces for a wholly unique result.

European-Inspired Luxury White Master Bathroom

white bathroom with european design elements
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

With simple yet modern lines and fixtures, this bathroom prioritizes functionality while delivering a relaxing ambiance.

Luxury Marble Bathroom

large marble master bathroom

With varying marble colors and patterns throughout, this dramatic design is sure to impress.

Mediterranean Luxury Master Bathroom

blue modern bathroom
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

The deep cerulean blue stone wall and chalk-white fixtures recall old Santorini but with a modern flair.

Southwest-Inspired Luxury Master Bathroom

white bathroom

An mosaic tile accent wall adds interest and helps anchor the room, while the gray-colored floating vanity and white tiled floor help convey a simple, modern Southwestern look and feel.

Art Deco Luxury Master Bathroom

blue and white art deco bathroom

The wispy marble acts as a blank canvas for the tile to artfully play in different patterns and designs.

Oceanic Luxury Bathroom

white bathroom with blue wall
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

Ample uses of blues, whites, and natural woods give this master bathroom a breezy seaside feel.

Victorian-Inspired Luxury Master Bathroom

traditional bathroom design
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

Floor-to-ceiling flowing curtains and intricately detailed wallpaper backsplashes create the perfect atmosphere for a long soak.

Refined Brown Luxury Master Bathroom

brown and gold bathroom
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

While a brown bathroom can be hard to pull off, the use of gold adds refinement and makes this room anything but dull.

Gray and White Luxury Master Bathroom

white and gray marble bathroom
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

The deep gray veins in the white marble slabs bring an old-world feel to this modern design.

Coastal Style Master Bathroom

large bathroom with blue subway tile wall

Borrowing the blues and whites from the classic Mediterranean look, this bathroom adds dashes of greens to give it a coastal feel.

Futuristic Luxury Master Bathroom

white bathroom design with light blue accent
Photography by Paul Kansonkho

The floating lights, lit backsplash, and clean design instantly transport you to another world.

Zen-Inspired Luxury Master Bathroom

large bathroom with freestanding tub and plant decor
Photography by Jared Rice

Clean lines, soothing colors, and natural materials help bring a Zen-like quality to this bathroom.

White-On-White Luxury Master Bathroom

white modern bathroom with freestanding tub and lighted mirrors

The flecks of gray and alabaster throughout help break up the all-white look, while the luxury master bathroom mirrors provide functionality and interest.

Mix of Marble and Wood for a Luxury Master Bathroom

white, black and wood bathroom
Photography by Max Vakhtbovych

This bathroom uses both wood and marble walls to create a sense of separate spaces while coordinating the bathroom accessories to bring cohesion.

Create the Master Bathroom of Your Dreams

Whether your bathroom project involves a remodel or new construction, it's well worth investing in the pieces you like. Often, if you can update your bathroom vanity and add luxury master bathroom products, you can get a refined look at a fraction of the price of a full remodel.

Remember that a luxurious modern bathroom idea can come from any room of your home, and don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to produce something truly unique.

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