Circadian Lighting Guide: Illuminate Your Wellbeing

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December 28, 2023
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Circadian lighting, an emerging trend in both home and office environments, is a type of lighting designed to align with our biological clocks, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Here's everything you need to know about it. 

What Is Circadian Lighting? 

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Source: Lighting Research Center, Mariana Figueiro, Kassandra Gonzales, and David Pedler. Designing with Circadian Stimulus, October 2016

In essence, circadian lighting is a lighting strategy designed to support our circadian rhythm—our internal 24-hour clock that regulates physical, mental, and behavioral changes in response to light and darkness. Circadian lighting seeks to provide the right intensity and spectrum of light at different times of the day, making use of both natural and artificial light sources. It employs various methods such as intensity tuning, color tuning, or stimulus tuning to achieve these results. 

Understanding the Biological Role of Circadian Lighting 

Circadian lighting illuminates your environment, but it also communicates with your biology and influences critical aspects of your health and wellbeing. The connection between light and our internal systems is complex and includes a hormone called melatonin, which directs many of our bodily functions. 

Melatonin, often referred to as the "sleep hormone", regulates our sleep-wake cycle and other circadian rhythms. This process is intricately connected to the light we perceive in our environment. 


Our body's master clock—the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)—receives input from specialized light-sensitive cells in the retina, which are particularly sensitive to blue light (around 480 nm), which is abundant in natural daylight. The presence of blue light suppresses melatonin production, indicating to our brains that it's daytime. Conversely, in the absence of blue light, melatonin production increases, signaling that it's time to sleep. 

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The concept behind circadian rhythm lighting is to provide the optimal amount and spectrum of light at different times of the day. This supports the natural melatonin rhythm and promotes healthy sleep and wellbeing. By mimicking the natural variations of daylight, circadian lighting can help synchronize our internal clock to a 24-hour cycle and prevent disruptions caused by artificial lighting or irregular schedules. 

The science behind circadian lighting for home or office spaces is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating environments that work harmoniously with our biology. Through careful implementation, we can leverage light's influential role in our circadian rhythms to optimize health and productivity. 

Benefits of Circadian Lighting 

Embracing a circadian lighting system can bring numerous benefits. These include: 

  • Better sleep quality and overall health by aligning our circadian rhythm with the natural day-night cycle. 
  • Enhanced alertness, mood, productivity, and concentration, particularly during daytime hours. 
  • Reduced errors, accidents, hyperactivity, and stress associated with exposure to inappropriate light levels or spectra. 

Aesthetically, circadian lighting can mimic the natural progression of sunlight throughout the day, fostering a more pleasant and comfortable environment. 

Implementing Circadian Lighting at Home or In the Office 

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 Wondering how you can introduce circadian rhythm lighting, also referred to as diurnal lighting, to your home or office? It will depend on your individual budget, preferences, and goals. Some of the key methods include: 

  1. Intensity tuning: Modulate the brightness of light fixtures based on the time of day, with higher intensity in the morning and lower in the evening. 
  1. Color tuning: Alter the color temperature of light fixtures to mimic sunlight's natural progression, shifting from cooler colors in the day to warmer hues in the evening. 
  1. Stimulus tuning: Employ light fixtures that emit a specific wavelength of blue light known to stimulate the circadian system. 
  1. Daylighting: Maximize natural light exposure through windows, skylights, or other features. While daylighting is the ideal source of circadian lighting, it’s not consistent throughout the day or year and might require supplementation with artificial lighting. 

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Robern's Circadian Lighting Products 

Robern offers a range of circadian lighting products that can integrate with Savant's Daylight Mode, a system that allows for tunable white LED lighting that adjusts to the natural day-night cycle. Here are some innovative circadian lighting for home products: 

  • Tenor Lighting: This is a series of light fixtures that come in three elegant styles: diamond, fluted, and round. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and provide precise lighting control. 
  • SWAY Control: A wall-mounted device that allows users to dim, color-tune, and personalize their lighting presets with the touch of a finger. 
  • Vesper Lighting: This series provides decorative ambient light. They come in three styles: edgeline, outline, and midline. These can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, providing dimmable LED lighting. 
  • InLine Lighting: These light fixtures deliver precision lighting for your styling needs. Available in one style: 3-1/2" wide, these can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, offering dimmable LED lighting. 
  • Profiles Lighting: This series of light fixtures adds drama and sophistication to your space. They come in two styles: 3-1/2" wide and 5" wide. Like the other fixtures, these can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and provide dimmable LED lighting. 
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By adopting a circadian lighting system and integrating Robern products, you can enhance your environment and lifestyle. It's a change that offers benefits for everyone, making it a worthy consideration in any lighting design plan. 

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