17 of the Best Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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December 28, 2023
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Whether your sensibility is modern or traditional, there are ideas for bathroom mirrors to fit your design. Explore framed bathroom mirror ideas from Robern and get inspired for your next upgrade.  

Discover the Perfect Mirror for Your Sanctuary

Revitalizing your bathroom with a framed mirror from Robern transforms the space into a realm of elegance and style. These mirrors are not just reflective surfaces; they're centerpieces of design, seamlessly integrating into and elevating your bathroom's aesthetic.

Industrial Framed Bathroom Mirror

Instead of a mirror frame made of one material, consider mixing it up with corner accents. Add timeless, rustic beauty to your space with these bold corner accents in contrasting metal finishes. This mixed metal approach creates a sense of texture and adds visual interest to your luxury bathroom vanity area.  

Elegant Gold Frames

The timeless glamor of gold fits into almost any bathroom design with a touch of classic elegance. Here the gold frames around the mirrors pair well with other golden touches throughout the room, including the vanity cabinets, faucets, towel hook, and plant stand, making this one of our favorite vanity mirror ideas.  

Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror With Metal Inlay

For a more traditional look, consider wooden framed mirrors that create a sense of depth with texture and subtle design. Instead of a pure wood design, this mirror features an inlaid metal frame for classic appeal that pairs well with a wide variety of fixtures and décor.  

Let Golden Brass Shine

Whether you’re striving for a modern aesthetic or harkening back to an earlier time, brass framed mirrors with rounded corners can add charm to your design. Paired with unlacquered brass faucets and dark light fixtures, the result is a stylish bathroom with a cohesive flow to its design.  

Shimmering frames are great small bathroom mirror ideas, as they help to add a sense of spaciousness by reflecting light.

Exude Warmth With Wood

Wooden framed luxury bathroom mirrors can add warmth to a cooler bathroom design, pairing well with neutral colors and shining metal fixtures. The subtle grain of the wood creates a sense of coziness and welcome, making the space more inviting. Consider matching the wood of your mirror frames to that of your vanity cabinet.  

Think Outside the Rectangle  

Bathroom mirror ideas for double vanity setups don’t have to be rectangular. Explore other styles, like oval or circular mirrors, or even a pill or arch shape. No matter which shape you choose, these mirrors allow you to express your creativity while maintaining your design theme. A framed bathroom mirror can be the focal point of your space or a subtle part of your design. The right mirror can draw the entire room together, finishing out your chosen aesthetic with a flawless final touch.  

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Coordinate With Wall Colors

For a sense of layered cohesion, consider matching the color of your mirror frame to your wall. While the metal mirror frame still stands out against the textured wallpaper, it doesn’t distract from the other, brighter elements of the room, serving as a seamless part of the room’s aesthetic.

Stand Out With a Mixed Metal Frame

Industrial bathrooms give you an opportunity to play with bathroom mirror décor ideas that toe the line between modern and traditional. This mirror frame features mixed metals and decorative corner metalwork, lending unexpected elegance to this factory-inspired room with exposed brick walls.  

Add Soft Glamor

In a neutral room with elegant tile patterns, a small touch of gold adds the perfect amount of shiny sophistication. A round framed bathroom mirror in brass is both functional and elegant, pairing well with almost any design elements and serving as the focal point of the vanity space.

Coordinate With Your Faucets

One of the best ways to create a cohesive bathroom design is to match your framed mirror finish with the faucets beneath. This choice makes your entire vanity feel like one unit instead of separate pieces, establishing a flow in the room that speaks of thoughtfulness and intention.  

Evoke a Sense of Modern Elegance

A black framed mirror is the ideal final touch for a minimalist bathroom, pairing well with both light and dark surfaces. Take advantage of the latest technology and choose a bathroom mirror with lights that provides illumination for all your daily routines.  

Blend In and Let the Room Do the Talking

Your mirror, vanity, and high-end linen cabinets don’t have to be the focal point of the room. Instead, they can blend into the design, allowing other elements to stand out. Here the mirrors and vanity cabinets feel like part of the textured wall. The white around the mirrors and on the vanity countertop stands out just enough for a subtle contrast.  

Create Striking Contrast

When you don’t want to blend in, don’t be afraid to stand out. Instead of matching your mirror to the cabinet or other fixtures, let it speak for itself and draw the eye of every person who enters the room. Here the framed bathroom mirror’s position above the cabinet evokes a sense of museum-like display, simultaneously drawing attention to the décor elements.  

Design a Gallery Wall

Why settle for one mirror when you can have several? With a large bathroom, consider creating a gallery wall, experimenting with different shapes and sizes of mirrors to reflect the whole room in artful pieces. Paired with a stunning chandelier and a claw-foot bathtub, the resulting design is luxurious and sophisticated.

Keep Things Cool With Chrome Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Chrome mirrors create a sense of cool-toned elegance, often pairing with polished faucets and cabinet handles. The minimalist design of this room is at once simple and full of graceful luxury, evoking a timeless sensibility of comfort.  

Add Brightness to a Neutral Space

Consider adding a mirror with a warm-toned frame to stand out against white walls. A mirror with a bright brass frame can reflect light and add a natural glow to your bathroom design.  

Install a Lighted Mirror

Shed a little extra light on your daily routines, from shaving to applying makeup, with a lighted mirror frame.

Find the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom Design

At Robern, we understand the impact a beautifully framed mirror can have on your bathroom's design. Whether your preference is for wood or metal, round or rectangular, lighted or standard, our collection offers exquisite choices to complement your unique style. Explore our range and find the mirror that not only reflects your image but also your impeccable taste.

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