8 of the Best Vanity Lights Available for a Bright and Light Bathroom

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December 28, 2023
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As you begin your day or unwind in the evening, the role of your bathroom vanity is integral, subtly enhancing your daily rituals. Choosing the right lighting for this space is essential to making sure that your vanity meets your needs, providing the illumination you require for all your tasks.  

From the understated elegance of recessed lighting to sleek modern fixtures, a selection of refined lighting options is available to complement your personal style. Explore these ideas for the best vanity lights to brighten up your bathroom.  

Pendant Vanity Lights  

Pendant fixtures are some of the best bathroom vanity lighting options to illuminate your space with a sophisticated flair. Available in an array of styles, you can choose a pendant lighting fixture that complements your design or make it the starting point for a complete transformation of your bathroom and vanity into mid-century modern bathroom décor.  

While pendant lights tend to be more common in kitchens, especially over islands, these fixtures can be a chic choice for your bathroom design. The round shape of the hanging light here pairs well with the bowl sink and pill-shaped medicine cabinet, creating a cohesive flow in this minimalist space.  

Lighted Mirrors

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The best vanity lighting can help you more easily focus on tasks that require close attention, such as shaving and applying makeup. Lighted vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets provide their own source of illumination, with many offering more than one lighting option, allowing you to adjust the light settings depending on the task.

Whether serving as the primary light for luxury bathroom vanities or paired with stylish sconces or other lighting fixtures, these state-of-the-art lighted mirrors offer bright vanity lights to help ensure that you never miss a spot during your daily routines.

Vanity Cabinet Lighting

Enhance the ease of locating your makeup brush or charging cable in the spacious drawers of your vanity cabinet with well-designed lighting. This thoughtful addition illuminates every corner, transforming the search into a seamless and effortless experience, especially in larger drawers.

Paired with a lighted mirror or additional lighting fixtures, drawer lights can easily turn your vanity into a well-lit and highly functional space, helping to streamline your morning routine and get you out the door and started on your day. Explore some of our favorite bathroom vanity designs and ideas for additional inspiration.  

Matching Wall Sconces

Establish a balanced, elegant look in your bathroom vanity area with matching wall sconces, blending style and symmetry with the best vanity light bulbs. From the clean lines of the minimalist modern style to detailed pieces that fit with a more traditional design, wall sconces are available to match almost any bathroom aesthetic.  

Wall sconces allow you to choose bathroom vanity lighting that creates cohesion throughout your room’s design. You can match the metal finish on the light fixtures to other details throughout the space, like faucets and drawer pulls. Paired with natural light from windows or skylights, or even other overhead lighting options like pendant fixtures, the result is a room that feels bright and welcoming.  

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Lighted Medicine Cabinets

Just like lighted mirrors, medicine cabinets featuring their own lighting allow you to bring extra illumination to your daily tasks, making these options some of the best vanity lighting for makeup. These lighted cabinets often feature customizable settings, allowing you to choose the amount and type of light you need.  

Pair lighted medicine cabinets with other lighting fixtures, like wall sconces, overhead lighting, and drawer lights, for a more comprehensive glow that will keep your bathroom feeling bright. Find inspiration to refresh your space in our collection of luxury master bathroom ideas.

Chandelier and Sconces: Elegant Vanity Lights

For those inclined towards a touch of luxury, consider lighting fixtures that combine grandeur with a refined subtlety to match the best bathroom vanities. A stunning chandelier can be the ideal option to bring the entire space’s design together, serving as a centerpiece for the room’s elegant sensibility.  

Choose a chandelier that matches other lighting fixtures throughout the room, or let the overhead lighting stand out on its own as an artistic statement sure to awe everyone who enters the space.  

Subtle Fixtures

Not everyone wants to make a big statement with their bathroom lighting. Sometimes you just need practical bright vanity lights that don’t draw attention away from your carefully planned design.  

Subtle covered lighting fixtures mounted on the wall can provide a gentle light around the vanity space. Framed around the mirrors, these lights bring illumination right where you need it to help you focus more clearly on your daily tasks. Even better, their soft lighting won’t blind you when you step into the bathroom and flip on the lights at night.  

Modern Globe Lighting  

Update your bathroom style and create a more modern look with globe lights that give off a soft, pleasing glow. These warm metal fixtures stand out against darker colored walls and, paired with reflective surfaces, can easily brighten up any bathroom space to help it feel more open.  

Whether you install a single globe light to add some extra illumination or add multiple fixtures to truly light up your vanity area, the resulting aesthetic is both modern and timeless, creating a charming design that is sure to impress.  

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