31 Marble Bathroom Designs and Ideas

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October 5, 2022
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A marble bathroom immediately sets a luxurious tone. Marble bathroom designs and ideas come to life on your countertops, walls, and tile floors. While sturdy and reliable, marble is also easy to clean, requiring only mild dish soap and warm water. Its unique patterns provide a sense of elevated art in your home. Browse these marble bathroom designs for inspiration on creating your own upscale environment.

Gold Fixtures for Marble Bathroom

A modern bathroom vanity with a large triple mirror featuring built-in lighting, set against a marble wall with a white countertop and gold faucets.

A high-tech lighted medicine cabinet

Feel as if you’ve stepped into a 5-star hotel bathroom as gold fixtures adorn marble walls. Beautifully lit luxury medicine cabinets in matte gold offer a place to store your bathroom necessities while also acting as a reflection of your good taste.

Cool White Vanity Top

white marble vanity top

For those who like a marble bathroom environment but not the actual veined patterns that are typical of white Carrara marble, this all-white quartz vanity top provides a clean and crisp alternative.

White Marble Tile Bathroom Idea

white marble tile bathroom ideas

A slick marble floor provides the basis for a clean white bathroom with shiny medicine cabinets completing the pristine space.

White Marble Meets Soft Gray

marble white soft grey bathroom counter

Here, white marble bathroom ideas are channeled by the walls and the floor, with the soft gray vanity and gleaming white top providing contrast to the all-marble look.

Modern Marble Bathroom Idea

modern marble bathroom

This space uses marble tiles in smaller, vertical tiles in the top half of the wall, with larger tiles on the bottom half. A high-tech lighted medicine cabinet with electrical outlets and bins to hold accessories highlights the modernity of this marble bathroom.

Classically Gorgeous Marble Bathroom Idea

classic marble bathroom

Some of the most stunning interpretations of marble bathroom designs and ideas evoke the Victorian era. Walls in Benton Mosaics Aletta in Calacatta Borghini envelop the space in calm elegance.

Subtly Patterned Marble Vanity Top

subtly patterned marble vanity top

This vanity top, featured in Eternal Calacatta Gold, highlights the class of a marble surface but with a subtle pattern for a more refined interpretation of marble bathroom ideas.

Glamorous Blue Marble Bathroom Idea

Glamourous Blue Marble Bathroom Idea

Designed to evoke the golden age of Hollywood, the fluted ANN SACKS Claudette tub is made of Catia Black marble.

Elegant Vanities with Marble Top

Elegant Vanities with Marble Top

Marble bathroom design can be as simple as incorporating a marble vanity top. In this bathroom, the beauty and sophistication of the Bergman Vanities, in Matte Black Oak with Aged Brass, take center stage.

Mixed Pattern Marble Bathroom

Mixed Pattern Marble Bathroom

Three different marble patterns come together in this compact space, showcasing marble tile bathroom ideas in their own corners of the room, made seemingly larger by the reflective medicine cabinet.

Herringbone Patterned Marble Bathroom

Herringbone Patterned Marble Bathroom

Mixed materials abound in this transitional bathroom design. Herringbone marble interrupts the neutral walls and flooring and adds a contrasting take on how to style a marble bathroom. Helpful shelving in the medicine cabinets keeps the space functional and tidy.

Mix and Match Marble Bathroom Tile

white bathroom with plant in corner

While the marble tile bathroom ideas seem to contradict each other on the walls and the floor, the straightforwardness of the white luxury bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets serve as the foundation of the room.

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Fixtures for a Marble Bathroom

solid brass bathroom faucet handle

With a plethora of gorgeous fixtures available, from plumbing to lighting, you can really boost the high-end appeal of your stylish space.

Go All-In On Marble

art deco marble bathrom

When contemplating your marble bathroom remodel, get inspired by this resplendent marble palace with marble as far as the eye can see. The Claudette Suite, part of the ANN SACKS Curated Bath Collection with Robern vanities and medicine cabinets, results in a glamorous spot you will never leave.

White Carrara Marble Bathroom Ideas

white marble sink with silver color fixture

The simple elegance of a console vanity is vaunted with the added opulence of the ANN SACKS Carrara vanity top.

How to Style a Marble Bathroom

minimalist marble bathroom

This white marble bathroom is quiet and undisturbed, despite its varying textures and patterned surfaces. The unobtrusive art, mixed metals, and full length medicine cabinet seem to slip into the room as welcome guests.

Marble Backsplash Meets Marble Vanity

beautiful shiny luxury sink and marble accent wall

The flow of highly-figured marble tile in this suite is seamless, as the gray coloration of the backsplash flows into the countertop for a cohesive partnership with the rest of the marble bathroom walls.

Pair Marble and Steel

marble and steel bathroom finish

Consider combining luxury linen cabinets with a high-quality stainless steel base and expertly crafted rounded corner detailing to create a high-end alliance in a luxurious setting.

Marble and Crystal Palace

marble and crystal luxury bathroom

When considering marble bathroom ceiling ideas, leaping straight to a chandelier seems like the obvious choice in a lavish ode to pampering yourself. Oversized mirrored cabinets reflect the light of the decor to emulate a palatial environment.

Futuristic Elements in a Marble Bathroom

futuristic luxury bathroom with a view

Modern marble bathroom ideas thrive in this crisp, urban suite. Warm gray walls surround swaths of marble walls and floor tiles, while the innovative mirrored cabinets and vanities provide a reflective surface to ponder the space.

White Marble Bathroom With Pops of Black

White Marble Bathroom With Pops of Black

Mixing styles of classic marble with contemporary lighted cabinets and touches of nature results in a welcoming, fresh space.

Polished Nickel Fixtures for Marble Bathroom

polished nickel fixtures with marble bathroom vanity

A marble vanity top deserves fixtures that are just as luxurious. This suite features a polished nickel faucet gleaming atop marble for a clean and classic sink.

Art Deco Marble Bathroom

art deco marble bathroom with blue tiles

This glorious walk-in shower suite is enveloped by a continuous slab of highly-figured marble which quickly flows into a vanity area with calming blue and gray tile, centered by Stanwyck open rack storage and console in Smoke Oak with Polished Stainless Steel.

Natural Wood Meets Marble

natural wood vanity with marble top

Find delight in the natural materials of this oak vanity and marble top.

Marble with Flecks of Green and Gold

marble flooring with flecks of green and gold

Dreams of Paris inspire this tile flooring featuring cream-to-caramel marble parquet.

Marble-Inspired Quartz Vanity Top

marble vanity top

The Pietra finish vanity top offers a uniquely patterned surface that complements the gleaming white sink and the subtle wood of the vanity.

Unique Marble Veining

unique black and white marble bathroom walls

This wet room is decked floor to ceiling in field tiles of a white marble stone with spectacular veining that ranges in shades from lavender to black.

Black Marble Bathroom Idea

grey and black marble bathroom pattern with stunning gold fixtures

A fluted vanity top in Catia Black sits atop a stainless steel frame finished in brass for the most luxurious option in console vanities.

Unique Marble Tile Bathroom Idea

unique green, white, and brown marble tile

Mix and match various marbling with shades of arabescato, nero marquina, verde, and silver ebru to liven up a single wall in this deco marble bathroom.

FAQs About Designing a Marble Bathroom

Which marble is best for the bathroom?

The most common form of marble is Carrara and is typically white with veins (or “marbling”) of gray. Typically, white is the best choice, especially in smaller spaces, as it can immediately turn the bathroom into a seemingly large room. For a more dramatic impact, opt for darker marble like nero marquina, which is known for its deep blackness and lightning-like streaks.

What colors go with marble in bathrooms?

The possible combinations of colors in marble bathrooms are infinite. White Carrara marble bathroom ideas can range from pairings of soft wood neutrals to bright and powerful gold to marble on every surface.

What towels go with a marble bathroom?

Towels are an easy design choice to make the bathroom feel like your own and can go from neutral gray or tan to bright designer patterns.

Can you add warmth to a marble bathroom?

Any shade of paint that feels calming to you can tone down a bright white marble bathroom. Plants, colored linens, and candles can also lend a spa-like element to your marble bathroom.

Are marble vanities good for the bathroom?

Marble vanities are perfect for bathrooms because of their durability and ease of cleaning. If properly sealed and maintained with a cleansing of warm, low-ph dish soap, the marble vanity will last long and elevate the feel of the bathroom.

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