40 White Bathroom Designs and Ideas

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October 25, 2022
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A white bathroom brings a clean look to your space, whether more modern or traditional in approach. Plus, white bathroom ideas needn’t always be white on white. Splashes of color, muted accent tones, and specialized lighting can add designer touches that elevate your white space into a one-of-a-kind experience.  

Add a Soft Gray Touch

gray bathroom

The gray tub takes center stage in this modern white bathroom illuminated with dual Vitality mirrors, offered in either warm or cool white light.  

White and Gold Bathroom Design

luxury bathroom with white and gold fixtures

Dual floating vanities with matte gold detailing serve as luxurious accents in this clean white bathroom.

Earthy Palette Against White Walls

white and wood bathroom design

Skarsgaard vanities in rustic oak provide a soft contrast to the large, brick white walls for this white bathroom design.

Modern Industrial White Bathroom Design

white bathroom with black and grey vanity

Our Uplift Tech medicine cabinet features an easy lift matte black handle to match the industrial feel of the vanity.  

White Bathroom Vanity as a Centerpiece

luxury white bathroom with white bathroom vanity and white bathtub

With so much elegance in this white bathroom, the eye finally settles on the white bathroom vanity.  

The Future Arrives In This White Bathroom

white bathroom with grey vanity and lighted medicine cabinet

This rectangular Uplift Tech cabinet employs effortless two-finger lifting to reveal large storage space in a white dressing room.  

How to Style a White Bathroom With Black and Gold

white bathroom wallpaper features black dots in square patterns, coordinated with black lighting fixtures and two black oak vanities

Dual designer art deco vanities add a glamorous contrast to textured white walls.  

Seamless Storage for a White Bathroom

open medicine cabinet revealing bathroom amenities

The R3 Series cabinet with polished edges blends seamlessly into white bathroom walls with low-profile impact and functionality.

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Customizable White Bathroom Designs and Ideas

white bathroom with pill shape mirror and modern vanity

Cartesian vanities allow you to express your own concepts with a modular design.  

Rugged Accents In a White Bathroom

rustic white bathroom

Create a ski-lodge retreat in your modern white bathroom with the open console design of the Bodo vanity, crafted with solid wood and veneer construction in either light gray oak or light burnt oak.  

High-Tech Lighting Fixtures for Your White Bathroom

white bathroom with lighted mirror and white floating vanity

The Uplift Tech medicine cabinet with TUN Technology allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your desired ambiance, and is abundant in useful features like USB charging ports, electrical outlets, a defogger, and a programmable night light.  

Emulate a Luxurious Hotel Room

vintage inspired bathroom with double oak vanity and claw foot tub

White bathroom designs and ideas are often found in your favorite hotels and translate into the bathroom of your dreams with Willowmere vanities, classically shaped mirrors, and designer sconces.  

Urban White and Black Bathroom

white bathroom with black accents, including the floating vanity and vessel sink

Make a dramatic impact with a floating ebony vanity and vessel sink against bright, white walls to create the perfect white and black bathroom.

Gold Fixtures In a White Bathroom

gold framed lighted mirror in white bathroom

Achieve a high-end designer look with gold accents.

Mixed Materials In a White and Gold Bathroom

white and gold bathroom

This unique and premium white and gold bathroom space has surprises at every turn, from upscale vanities to flecks of gold woven into white walls.

White Bathroom Design With Marble

white and marble bathroom

White bathroom ceiling ideas come to life with a dramatic pendant light illuminating this high-end bath with varying marble patterns on the surfaces.  

Sleek Fixtures for a White Bathroom

white bathroom

Enhance your space with bright tile for a white-on-white look.

White Bathroom Floor Tiles With Character

white bathroom design

Uniquely shaped floor tiles meet up with subway tile walls in this comforting powder room, made seemingly larger by the white vanity and reflective medicine cabinet.

Sleek White Bathroom Design

white bathroom with tall medicine cabinet

Your dream white bathroom has plenty of space for you to relax before your busy day and has sleek cabinets that can hold anything you might need to conquer the day.

Bring Nature Into Your Modern White Bathroom

modern natural light bathroom

Accents of wood throughout combine with the window to create a bright, natural space offset by pops of modern gray.

Medicine Cabinet as Centerpiece

white bathroom idea

A medicine cabinet paired with a white vessel sink will become the center of your routines as you prepare in the morning and wind down during the evening.

Arch Top Sparked With Technology

traditional white bathroom

As you consider your white bathroom remodel, add arch top medicine cabinets to lend a sense of modernity.  

Oak Vanities In a Modern White Bathroom

reeded vanityand two scalloped mirrors

The Dark Burnt Oak with Brushed Pewter vanity elevates this white bathroom with reeded vertical lines to evoke mid-century modern vibes.

Stormy Gray Envelops a White Bathroom

white bathroom design

A bright white tub set against reflective vanities and cabinets juxtaposes the dark gray walls in this luxurious suite.

Harmonious Wood, Black, and White Bathroom

traditional bathroom with oak vanity

This transitional bathroom mixes the Heirloom-quality craftsmanship of the Chestnut Hill Vanities with the modernity of the Brushed Black Main Line Cabinets flanked by old-fashioned sconces.  

Pop of Darkness In an All-White Bathroom

white bathroom with gray

Break up the clean look of the white bathroom with a black or brown framed cabinet.

Multifunctional Medicine Cabinet

modern bathroom with white marble

With many fixtures for a white bathroom available, make the most of a smaller space with a versatile cabinet.  

Monochrome Gray, Black, and White Bathroom Idea

modern bathroom with white gray and black palette

Rely on varying neutral shades to bring a unique sense of character to your modern space.

High-End White and Gold Marble Suite

white and gold bathroom

White marbling with gold accents creates a breathtaking environment, with deep matte blue walls providing a sense of tranquility.

How to Light Your White Bathroom

white bathroom with storage cabinets

Take cues from this bright environment, which utilizes lighted mirrors and cabinets along with natural sunlight to create a warm yet serene space.

Interior Shelves for Your White Bathroom

interior medicine cabinet shelves

The perfect bathroom storage solution is a medicine cabinet. Add charging ports and accessory holders for additional functionality.

Gorgeous Patterned Marble  

white bathroom with lighted mirror

Create an intriguing visual display by adding marble tiles with flecks of color to your white bathroom walls.

White Bathroom With Black Accents

white bathroom with black vanity and shelves

Black shelves and fixtures make a modern statement in this mostly white bathroom.

Coastal California Suite

white bathroom with oak vanity and open shelves

This space uses layered textures and organic touchpoints to create an at-home spa retreat.

Black and White Townhouse Bathroom

white townhouse bathroom with two pedestal sinks

Mix and match black and white patterns for classic yet timeless appeal.

Off-White Bathroom Design Idea

close up of faucet and mirror in a white bathroom

Opting for an off-white shade for your walls creates subtle warmth in lieu of stark brightness.

Unique Textures and Colors

off-white bathroom with reeded industrial wallpaper

Textured walls and light-wood cabinets can add the perfect level of contrast to your serene environment.

Subtle Visual and Tactile Details

white luxury bathroom

Even the sleekest interiors can benefit from thoughtful touchpoints, such as the marbled vanity and mosaic tile walls in this peaceful getaway.

White Bathroom With Rustic Appeal

white vanity top with wood open shelf

With a thick slab of white stone atop a wooden vanity, this bathroom combines the ruggedness of the outdoors with modern sophistication.

Cream-to-Caramel Bathroom Suite

elegant bathroom with three-paneled mirror

In this Parisian-inspired room, extravagant shades of tans and browns travel throughout the marbled surfaces and wood vanity.

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