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April 4, 2023
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Whether contemporary or traditional, your bathroom design often comes down to the details. The right floor tiles can provide a cohesive flow within your space, while offering quality to withstand daily use.

Choosing tiles for your bathroom floor depends on a number of factors, including the aesthetic you wish to convey and your chosen color palette. Whether you want to stick with a neutral color or play with a bold pattern, there are plenty of options for your bathroom floor design.  

Explore these bathroom floor tile ideas from Robern to inspire your redesign.  

Add Warmth With Wood Floor Tiles

bathroom with white walls, pill shape mirror, and wood tile floors

Wood panels are a timeless bathroom floor tile design, creating a sense of warmth and vibrancy. Whether you install them in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern, wood flooring can add texture and visual interest to your luxury bathroom.  

Keep Things Cool With Dark Colors

gray bathroom tile with weathered appearance

A dark floor tile can provide contrast for lighter elements, like the bathtub, toilet, and vanity sink. Consider adding a few white tiles throughout to elevate the design.  

Create Visual Interest With Subtle Patterns  

zoomed in picture of a white bathroom vanity with chrome legs, sitting on white speckled floor tiles

Symmetry isn’t required in floor tile designs. In fact, a floor tile with sporadic spots or patterns can take a neutral space to a new level. Paired with metal details, a light tile can help the space seem brighter and more open, thanks to reflected light.  

Exude Calm With Gray Tile

bathroom with ight gray wall, floating vanity, and gray bathroom tiles

Create a warm and inviting space with gray tiles that capture natural light and bring brightness into the bathroom design.  

Dark Bathroom Floor Tiles

zoomed in picture of a bathroom floor and vanity. the floor and vanity are made of black-stained wood, and the vanity features sleek gold metal detailing.

Light walls paired with dark bathroom floor tiles create compelling, modern contrast. Consider adding a touch of gold, whether with the best bathroom vanities or décor elements, to exude a sense of elegance in your bathroom design.  

Color-Match Floor Tiles to the Room

hotel bathroom with rectamgular gray tiles

Not sure what bathroom floor tile ideas to choose for your master bathroom? Consider a color that matches the walls or vanity cabinets for a cohesive design.  

Make a Statement With Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles

top-down view of bathroom floor tiles in a mosaic, hexagonal pattern

For an artistic style, consider mosaic bathroom floor tile ideas that allow you to create a unique pattern, like these hexagons. The result can be a stunning focal point for your bathroom design.

Soothing Pebble Floor Tiles

hotel bathroom with a speckled bathroom floor and marble walls

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis of relaxation with pebble-style floor tiles that create the impression of a luxurious beach.

Create a Classic Look With Rustic Tile

gray bathroom tile
Credit: FurryFritz

For a more rustic option, look for floor tiles that appear weathered, contributing to an artisanal sensibility.

Maintain a Minimalist Appeal With Light Wood  

top view of white bathroom vanity countertop on light wood cabinet. floors are wood tile in a chevron pattern

Wood tile flooring can add warmth to your minimalist bathroom design, especially within a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

Design your space around you.

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Go Classic With Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tiles

square bathroom tile flooring

A porcelain tiled bathroom floor is a classic choice. The neatness of square tiles gives the space a clean look, and porcelain tiles are available in a variety of shades and patterns to fit almost any bathroom aesthetic.  

Show Off Your Style With a Vibrant Pattern

white bathroom with small sink

A patterned floor tile pattern can show off your design sensibility, while allowing you to maintain a more minimalist aesthetic in the overall space. With more vibrant tile flooring ideas, bathrooms can easily be elevated, even if the primary color palette is neutral.  

Neutral Floor Tile Idea

bathroom with wide white vanity featuring double sinks, gray wall, and square tan tiles

Establish a clean-cut design with sharp edges and neutral flooring, which serves as a blank canvas for accents and modern details like colorful bathroom wallpaper ideas. The warm gray color of the tiles here adds a hint of softness to the room’s aesthetic.  

Add an Artisanal Look

small square tiles for bathroom flooring

Subtle details, like the texture in these floor tiles, can give your bathroom design an artistic feel that speaks of craftsmanship and classical style.  

Create Classic Contrast With Black and White Floor Tiles

black and white bathroom with white clawfoot tub, chrome fixtures, and diner style floors

Consider the classic contrast of black and white for your bathroom design. Black and white checkered bathroom tiles offer a sharp and stunning result.  

Clean Lines and Off-White Tones

small walk in shower with white tiles on floor and walls

Keep things simple with a minimalist design focused on off-white tiles arranged in a neat pattern. Alternate small floor tiles with subway tiles in the shower.  

Bring the Old World to Your Bathroom Design

colorful bathroom floor tiling

Choose a vibrant floor tile pattern that hearkens back to ancient cities and Old-World glamor. A colorful design offers a standout look that makes an artistic statement.

Shades of White and Gray

white bathroom with bottom half of wall in white subway tile, and top half painted gray

Instead of multiple colors, consider choosing one hue in different variations, like the grays in this small bathroom. From the neutral upper wall to the charming floor tiles, the result is a cohesive space where the design genuinely flows. Explore the best bathroom mirrors to complete the design.  

Geometric Texture  

bathroom floor with gray and white tiles in square patterns

A little texture goes a long way in a bathroom design, adding visual interest with minimal effort. Consider choosing floor tiles that offer texture—or a variety of textures—in their design to add depth to your bathroom.

Choose an Eye-Catching Floor Tile Design

white bathroom with black and white flooring

If you love optical illusions or detailed patterns, choose a modern floor tile that can be viewed in a variety of different ways. Paired with more simplistic furniture and matte faucets, you can create a space that feels refreshingly minimalistic yet thoughtful.  

Play With a Pop of Color

white and blue bathroom tile floors

A small bit of color in an otherwise neutral design can help focus your overall aesthetic. The hint of blue in these floor tiles can be drawn into other elements of the room, such as cabinets, towels, and decorative accents.  

Brighten the Space With Blue

zen style bathroom with blue stone floors and stone freestanding tub

If you don’t want to stick with neutral colors, don’t be afraid to go bold with bright bathroom floor tile ideas. This vibrant blue creates the feeling of a luxurious lakeside retreat, turning this bathroom into a cozy and inviting space.  

Choose a Floor Tile That Stands Out

marble wet room bathroom with showering and bathing on the left, and a double vanity on the back wall

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your flooring, especially if your bathroom is focused on bold visuals. A dark and vibrant floor tile, like this design with flecks of white and gray, can make for a striking first impression of the space.  

Light Things Up With Colorful Details

colorful patterned bathroom tile

There are a variety of ways to add pops of color into your design, such as adding bright tiles in the mix with a more neutral gray or white. This design offers visual interest and gives you a variety of colors to pull from for décor accents.  

Set Tiles at an Angle

top view of white bathroom counter with chrome faucet, and a black and white tile floor

Instead of a traditional vertical or horizontal design for longer tiles, consider arranging each piece at a slant to create an eye-catching chevron look.

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