15 of the Best Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

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February 8, 2023
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One of the best ways to create a standout design in your bathroom is with an accent wall, whether a single bright color in a monochromatic room or a patterned wallpaper behind the vanity. The most striking bathroom accent wall ideas create a cohesive design and make a bold statement.  

From small bathrooms to roomy spaces, an accent wall can be the focal point of your design, drawing the eye and showing off your unique style and taste.

Read on to explore our favorite accent wall ideas for bathrooms that you can use to establish a compelling design.  

Pair a White Marble Accent Wall With Darker Touches

white marble bathroom accent wall

The bathroom space above features Calacatta marble for an elegant design that creates a striking contrast with the darker colors of the oak vanity and claw-foot tub. Establishing a sense of sophistication perfect for a spa-like retreat, it’s the little details here that exude luxury.  

Textured Bathroom Accent Wall Idea  

metal industrial bathroom accent wall

A textured bathroom accent wall can create a warm and inviting ambiance. Here, the beige wall centers the mirror as the focal point of the room, providing a neutral foundation for decor accents and reflective fixtures.  

Blend Modern and Traditional Styles

traditional bathroom accent wall with tile next to a column

Take a page from Parisian architecture with a modern bathroom accent wall that evokes sophistication and class. Pairing the cool grace of textured glass with subtle artisan details creates an inviting space. Small decorative touches like flowers add a sense of life without overpowering the design.  

Express Your Personality With a Patterned Tile Bathroom Accent Wall

textured tile bathroom accent wall

A minimalist vanity and lighted mirror pair well with a patterned grasscloth bathroom accent wall, offering a sense of monochromatic balance. Add reflective brass and chrome touches to the decor for visual interest.  

Catch the Eye With Minimalist Style

glossy black tile bathroom accent wall

Consider juxtaposing a glossy wall of black field tiles with cool, sleek metal furniture to create a stunning contrast in a more intimate space. An open shelf linen cabinet offers room for decorative touches, as well as practical and convenient storage for bathroom essentials.  

Brighten the Space With Gold Accents

gold and white bathroom accent wall

Gold details can add a touch of elegance to any room, whether included in subtle accents or bold statement pieces. This gold and white tile accent wall in the bathroom makes the space feel cohesive by matching with other gold elements.

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Eccentric Tile Arrangements

mid-century modern bathroom accent wall with white tile and black grout

The bright white tiles on this bathroom accent wall are arranged in a random pattern with black grout, providing a unique backdrop for the colorful decor. A simple look with a modern sensibility, this design is both functional and full of personality.  

Contrasting Tile Materials

blue subway tile and large marble tile bathroom accent wall

Flawlessly toeing the line between traditional and modern aesthetics, this bathroom accent wall contrasts blue subway tiles with light gray marble, establishing the perfect foundation for metallic accents and a darker marbled floor.  

Enhance Natural Warmth With a Wood Accent Wall

wood shower accent wall in a white bathroom

This wood accent wall in the bathroom adds warmth and stands out against the white walls in this minimalist space.

Bathroom Accent Wall With Subtle Texture

textured white bathroom accent wall

Silk-screened Japanese tiles can add a tactile element to your bathroom design and serve as a subtle focal point. Pairing smoothly with the marble countertop and glossy metal faucet, the tiles here maintain a neutral and calming atmosphere.

Black Brick Accent Wall for Your Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

black brick bathroom accent wall

A brick accent wall can add a modern yet rustic vibe to your space. The dark gray brick provides a contrast to the lighter marble floors and white walls, serving as a focal point for the room’s simple yet intriguing design.  

Exude Elegance With a Marble Accent Wall

marble bathroom accent wall

Create a sense of glamor and sophistication with a striking marble bathroom accent wall. The marble walls here serve as an elegant backdrop, pairing flawlessly with the Art Deco design of the flooring.  

Draw Out the Shine of Gold Fixtures

gold bathroom accent wall in a white bathroom

Glossy tiles can create an unforgettable style. The shine in the tile pairs well with the gold fixtures throughout the room, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the bathroom.  

Take Advantage of High Contrast

white bathroom accent wall in a black bathroom

A geometric patterned tile stands out gorgeously against black bathroom walls, providing a stunning background for glossy metal vanities. With a black accent wall, your bathroom style can become even more compelling by effortlessly drawing the eye.  

Split a Bathroom Accent Wall Between Paint and Tile

bathroom accent wall with light blue paint on top half and white subway tile on bottom half

If you’re working in a compact space, consider mixing and matching paint and tile. A small bathroom accent wall can feature half tile and half paint to help the space seem larger and more open.  

FAQs About Bathroom Accent Walls

Can you add an accent wall to a bathroom?

Just as with any other room in your home, an accent wall in the bathroom can be a central point of your design, focusing your décor and creating a cohesive look. An accent wall can consist of a solid coat of paint, patterned tile, or even a shiplap bathroom accent wall. The possibilities are nearly endless.  

Can you use wallpaper in a bathroom?

Especially in small spaces, a bathroom wallpaper accent wall can allow you to make a huge design statement. Just be aware that moisture and humidity can have a negative effect on wallpaper, so it’s a good idea to try a sample before covering an entire wall.

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