16 of the Best Bathroom Vanity Designs and Ideas

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October 6, 2022
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Whether your style is classic or modern, and whether you prefer vibrant pops of color or understated décor, a vanity is the perfect focal point for your bathroom design. These luxury bathroom vanity ideas will help you create the sophisticated and efficient sanctuary of your dreams.

Modern Vanity Designs

Black wood vanity with golden brass accents.

Small Modern Vanity Idea  

Two small bathroom vanities in a black and white bathroom.

For compact bathrooms, a narrow vanity with under-shelf storage can create a sleek, utilitarian look with an understated style. These small bathroom vanity ideas offer open storage and sharp lines that fit a modern aesthetic.

Large Modern Vanity Idea

72-inch wood vanity with reeded design in a mid-century modern style bathroom.

If you have plenty of space to work with, a wide mid-century-style vanity can serve as a striking centerpiece to your master bath. With the slim legs and textured surface common to this aesthetic, our Wyndale vanities effortlessly toe the line between modern and mid-century chic.

Gray Vanity Design

white and gray bathroom with a gray floating vanity

From intricately patterned tiles to marble walls, gray vanity bathroom ideas are an excellent choice regardless of style and aesthetic. A gray vanity fits just as well in modern spaces as with traditional décor.

Wood Vanity Ideas

Modern wood bathroom with floating vanities, featuring recessed handles.

Light Oak Vanity Design

Two Wood vanities with a matching linen cabinet in the corner.

Some of the best double vanity bathroom ideas allow for two separate sinks and mirrors, providing each person with their own customizable space for morning and evening routines. This light oak vanity design offers plenty of storage space with functional double drawers, and a white top with a beautiful faucet serves as the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom vanity décor idea.

Dark Oak Vanity Design

Rustic bathroom vanity designed with iron handles.

For a dual bathroom vanity idea, you can’t go wrong with the traditional elegance of dark oak. Lending an air of classic sophistication to your oasis, pair a dark oak vanity with accent lighting and mirrors to create the ultimate bathroom retreat.  

Floating Vanity Idea

Modern floating vanities with black and gray colors.

Pros and Cons of Floating Vanities

Close up of a floating bathroom vanity set.

A floating vanity adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your bathroom. Creating a modern and even futuristic look, floating vanities offer a variety of bathroom vanity organization ideas, including drawer storage and storage underneath in the absence of legs or additional space taken up by the cabinetry itself. A floating vanity can also give the illusion that the room is larger, making it a fantastic addition to a smaller bathroom.  

However, these vanities can be more challenging to install than traditional bathroom vanities, as they require anchors to ensure they remain fixed to the wall. When adding a floating vanity, it is always wise to invest in the services of a professional to avoid causing any damage to your home.

Ideas for a Bathroom Vanity: Contrasting Wood and Metal

Black wood vanity with gold metal accents.

Combining Vanity Materials

Mixed metal vanity design.

Many modern master bathroom vanity ideas combine materials, such as elegantly textured oak, with the understated beauty of brushed metal. The result is clean lines and a modern appearance that provides both function and style. This vanity mixes metals, pairing aged brass with antique bronze for a classic yet timeless look. Paired with a marble countertop, the result is a bathroom vanity style of sophistication and grace.

Design your space around you.

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Simple Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Wood bathroom vanity designed with open console and white countertop.

Freestanding Vanity

green bathroom with wood freestanding vanity

A freestanding vanity creates a simple and functional option for your bathroom, slotting neatly into any size space. Providing ample storage and available in multiple sizes, this wood vanity offers a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Floating White Vanity Bathroom Idea  

Simple white floating bathroom vanity under a modern lighted mirror.

Whether your bathroom boasts a color palette or a classic black-and-white design, a white floating vanity is the perfect neutral option to fit into the space. Creating a clean oasis amid your bathroom design, this vanity offers storage and helps make the room appear larger, regardless of size.  

Dresser-Style Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity designed to look like a dresser with multiple drawers

Oak and Metal Modern Dresser

Wood vanity with metal inlays.

A dresser-style vanity adds a clean look to your bathroom with extensive storage and a sleek aesthetic. Pairing effortlessly with a stylish modern mirror and chrome faucet, this wide vanity provides all the storage space you could need for your daily routines.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Every Taste

No matter your style or décor preference, the right vanity can serve as a central focal point in your bathroom, providing a sense of elegance, modernity, or traditional classic design.

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