Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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March 8, 2023
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Even with limited space, you can remodel a compact bathroom into a stunning and elegant space. A small bathroom isn’t really a limitation—in fact, it's an opportunity to get more creative with storage, décor, and color to make the space feel larger. Read on for our top tips for remodeling a small bathroom to create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing space.  

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips to Save Space

half bathroom with purple wall, white pedestal sink, and white toilet

If you have a narrow sink area, vertical recessed lighting around the mirror can easily add a hint of luxury without taking up limited wall space. The ambient illumination from recessed lighting installations is the ideal addition to your vanity, perfect for shedding some extra light on your morning routine. Add a wall-mount faucet to free up the area around your sink and create a clean, modern look in your small bathroom remodel.  

Recessed Medicine Cabinet  

a hand lifting up a medicine cabinet

Storage is always a high-priority concern in a remodeled small bathroom. Creating recessed storage spaces in the walls can provide you with the space you need for all the elements of your daily routine. A medicine cabinet set into the wall offers easy access to all your toiletries and provides additional storage in a room that may be short on cabinet space.  

Stick With Light Colors in a Small Bathroom

white bathroom with gold hardware

Consider using light hues to make a compact space appear roomier. Light shades like white and gray can help the space feel more open and inviting. If you’re concerned about small bathroom remodel costs, a simple paint job can make a huge impact. Consider matching the trim to your cabinetry or even using different shades within a color family for your tiles and walls. Use patterns to add visual interest and break up the solid colors.

Extra Vanity Drawers for Small Bathroom Storage

gray bathroom with white vanity

If your small bathroom needs more storage, a vanity with modular drawers can be just the thing. Even a slim vanity with several drawers can provide you with the storage you need for everything from makeup to extra toiletries. Plus, having drawer space under the sink eliminates the need to add storage to other parts of the bathroom, allowing you to keep the room more open and easier to navigate.  

Medicine Cabinet and Pedestal Sink  

white and blue bathroom

A pedestal sink is a classic option and one of the best small bathroom remodel ideas, creating a graceful aesthetic in a limited space. Add a medicine cabinet with storage behind the mirror, and you can enjoy a cozy area to get ready in the mornings. The mirrored medicine cabinet itself brightens the room, creating the illusion of a larger space simply by reflecting light.

Keep Charging Devices Off the Counter

inside of medicine cabinet storing soaps, lipsticks, and an electric toothbrush

Between curling and straightening irons, blow dryers, and cell phone chargers, the many cords in your bathroom each day can easily get tangled up in a small space. For a simple DIY small bathroom remodel idea, use a wire organizer to charge your devices while keeping your countertop tidy.  

Rounded Vanity Corners  

close up of wood vanity with rounded white corner countertop

When space is at a premium, a vanity with sharp corners can lead to bruises and frustration. When remodeling a small bathroom, install a vanity with rounded corners to give yourself a little more space, whether preparing for a shower or going through your morning routine. While the rounded corners only offer a few extra inches, that little amount can make all the difference in a small bathroom. Plus, you'll avoid any accidental collisions with angled corners.

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Vertically Reeded Wall Design

small bathroom vanity with vertical reeded walls

In a small bathroom remodel, a vertical design can trick the eye and create the impression that the room is taller than it truly is. This reeded metal design adds texture and visual interest, while making the bathroom feel more expansive. A rectangular mirror above the vanity can help contribute to this effect, giving the sense of the walls stretching higher than they actually are.

Tall Linen Cabinets

white bathroom with tall linen cabinet

Tall cabinets and storage can create the appearance of a larger bathroom, fitting perfectly in the area next to the vanity area.  In addition, linen cabinets provide storage space for towels and extra toiletries, hiding the potential clutter behind doors or drawers.  

Open, Light, and Airy Small Bathroom Idea

small white bathroom with floating vanity

A lighter space automatically feels more open. During a small bathroom remodel, take advantage of any sources of natural light and add recessed lighting around the vanity to create ambient illumination. A floating vanity can also add to the airy feel of a small bathroom by freeing up floor space, which can then be used for additional storage or left open to contribute to the open feel.

Save Space With In-Drawer Charging Stations

open bathroom vanity drawer revealing a hair dryer, air brush, and hand towel

With limited counter space, getting ready in the morning can be a challenge in a small bathroom, especially if you want to charge your devices at the same time. An in-drawer charging station can be the ideal solution for cell phones, smart watches, and bathroom necessities like electric razors.

Medicine Cabinet With Flush Lighting

small bathroom vanity area with lighted mirror

Whether applying makeup or shaving in front of the mirror, you want your vanity space to be well-lit. Adding flush lighting to your medicine cabinet can fit with a clean and modern aesthetic, while also providing a little extra illumination to your daily routine. This gentle lighting can also make your small bathroom feel larger, especially with lighter colors on the walls, tiles, and countertop.  

Simple Linen Cabinet

black bathroom with linen cabinet

For modern storage in a limited space, open linen cabinets create a stylish and clean appearance, while simultaneously providing extra bathroom storage. The ample shelf space allows for decorative touches that allow you to brighten up the room and show off your personality without making the space feel cluttered, making this one of our favorite small bathroom remodel ideas.

Use Bins for Efficient Vanity Storage

open vanity drawer with hairbrushes, jewelry, and makeup accessories

Put an end to digging through a messy drawer for a Q-tip or the right shade of eye shadow. Keep your small toiletries and makeup items organized with simple storage bins for your vanity drawers, eliminating the need for countertop storage space. Taking advantage of in-drawer organization options allows you to keep the rest of your small bathroom tidy, helping to convey the impression of a more open space.  

Remodel the Small Bathroom of Your Dreams With Robern

Whether your primary bathroom or an extra powder room, remodeling a small bathroom affords many of the same opportunities as remodeling a larger one, just with a little more creative thinking and problem-solving. With subtle decorative touches and careful color and lighting selection, you can create a delightful and stylish space even in a small bathroom.

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