16 Bathroom Mirror Designs and Ideas

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October 7, 2022
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Mirrors are not only central to completing a bathroom design; they’re vital to your morning and evening routines. Whether your aim is to make a room appear bigger or achieve the perfect lighting, we’ve compiled our favorite bathroom mirror ideas to inspire your space. Explore the photos below, from simple bathroom mirror designs to innovative medicine cabinets with luxe accessories.

Modern Bathroom Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Idea

A three-paneled mrrored medicine cabinet in a white modern bathroom.

Modern bathroom design is defined by its clean lines, simple color palettes and minimalism of the early twentieth century. A modern mirror should be functional while providing an elevated sense of style to your bathroom. That’s where a tech-friendly, mirrored medicine cabinet comes in.

Appoint your mirrored medicine cabinet with adjustable shelving, electrical outlets, USB charging ports, and a magnification mirror to keep your space connected.

Minimalist Bathroom Mirror Idea

Modern bathroom mirror designed with integrated vertical lighting strips.

For a simple bathroom glass mirror idea, opt for a frameless design. Merging minimalist design with innovative features like integrated lighting and audio, this frameless medicine cabinet with mirror blends seamlessly with modern interiors.

The AiO collection of mirrors and medicine cabinets has built-in lighting that eliminates harsh shadows and provides the ideal lighting for your cabinet necessities–whether you need a soft or energizing mood. Tech features are integrated into the design to maintain the understated profile of a minimalistic space.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Close-up angle of a back-lit bathroom mirror.

With a lighted mirror, you can say goodbye to overhead lighting fixtures. A lighted mirror is a great option if you want your mirror to serve the highest functionality for your daily routines.

Circle-shaped bathroom mirror design with integrated lighting, hanging above a vessel sink and wall-mount faucet.

Featuring warm or cool lighting, defogging technology, and dimming capabilities, the Vitality collection of luxury bathroom mirrors is the perfect addition to enhance a modern bathroom.

Wood Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Wood-framed bathroom mirror design with a rounded pill shape.

Wood-framed bathroom mirrors are one of the most well-loved classic styles that can complement any aesthetic. The mirrors in our Craft Series are designed to pair with this curated line of expertly crafted vanities, linen cabinets and other decorative but functional features. These mirrors will enhance your space by combining inspired design, the organic beauty of wood construction, and unique metalwork.

Pros and Cons of Wood Mirrors

Close up of a rectangle mirror, with a wood frame and metal inlay.

Wood-framed mirrors blend seamlessly with any design style, creating a relaxing and natural environment. Choose from various tones of wood, from warm Weathered Oak to cool Light Gray Oak. Some wood bathroom mirror designs feature metal inlays for an extra touch of texture.

Dark vs. Light Wood Mirrors

If you opt for the natural feel of a wood-framed mirror, the color of the wood you choose can drastically impact the final look of your space. Warmer tones complement traditional and eclectic styles, while cooler, muted wood options blend with more modern minimalistic designs.

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Black Bathroom Mirror Designs

Black-framed, lighted bathroom mirrors illuminate a black and white modern bathroom.

A black bathroom mirror is a great way to add a little drama to your styling space. The Profiles mirror in matte black brings a sophisticated take on a classic framed mirror to complete your bathroom design. The black finish pairs well with many color schemes and brings a distinct contrast to update your space.

What’s to Love About Black-Framed Mirrors

Modern bathroom mirror design with black frame and inset lighting.

If you’ve opted for a dark bathroom design, a black mirror can blend in seamlessly to create an uninterrupted space for relaxation. If your room is meant to be bright and energizing, a black mirror adds a pop of contrast and dimension, creating clean lines and adding a luxurious, artistic flair to your room.

Adjustable Bathroom Mirrors

luxury art deco bathroom mirror

Every space is different–but whether your bathroom is large and luxurious or you need small bathroom mirror ideas for a compact space, a mirror is essential for your daily routines. Whether you need an adjustable magnification mirror to apply makeup or care for your skin, or a large pivoting mirror to make use of natural light at different times of day, Robern offers solutions for mirrors that need to function in unique spaces.

Paneled Mirror Design

A luxurious bathroom featuring a three-panel mirror design with adjustable side panels.

Paneled mirrors provide an artistic flair to any avant-garde space. By breaking up your sight line, they create an artistic effect while still functioning as a useful bathroom necessity. Robern’s triptych mirror features a decorative three-panel design with adjustable side panels. Panel designs also come in handy as double vanity bathroom mirror ideas for multiple members of the household.

Scalloped Mirror Ideas

Close up of a scalloped metal bathroom mirror design.

For any vintage or traditional-style bathroom space, a scalloped mirror is a great way to add a touch of sophistication. An elevated take on a simple bathroom mirror design, this style pairs well with elegant counter finishes like marble and creates artistic lines with artfully designed edges. Robern’s Scalloped Mirrors are available in Antique Bronze and Iron Black finishes and can be hung vertically or horizontally to achieve the vintage vanity look you desire.

Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

A large mirror with gold trim illuminated by integrated vertical lights, mounted on a marble wall above a bathroom vanity with gold fixtures.

Adding a frame to any mirror is an excellent way to elevate a simple, functional appliance and turn it into a centerpiece of visual interest in your space. Frame options range from natural wood to high-sheen metallic finishes or even matte black, and can enhance the appearance of even the simplest bathrooms. Particularly for those working with small spaces, a framed mirror is the perfect touch if you don’t have room for art.

Mixed Metal Mirror Frame

Close up of a mirror featuring a mixed metal frame. The frame is golden brass with decorative corners.

Metal frames are ideal for industrial-inspired spaces, but mixed metal mirrors add a touch of unexpected elegance. Factory-inspired designs don’t have to feel sterile or harsh, and mixing finishes can elevate this design style to add an imaginative flair. Robern’s mixed metal mirrors are also accented with fluted corners to upgrade the look and add texture to any room.

Brass Framed Bathroom Mirror Design

Round mirror design with a golden brass frame.

Stainless steel frames in metallic finishes can add timeless beauty to your space. This round metal mirror features an elegant silhouette that complements interiors from industrial to classic.

Thin-Framed Arch Mirror

Arched mirror with a polished thin frame above a vessel sink.

Whether you choose a circle, oval, or even an arched design, rounded mirrors add a level of elegance to any style of space. They can soften an industrial look with their round lines or enhance a classic look with a metallic frame.

Discover the Best Mirrors for Your Bathroom

Whatever style best suits your design aesthetic, Robern’s mirror selection will surely have a perfect match for your space. A mirror is a finishing touch to any great bathroom, and it’s something we can’t complete our routines without. So why not make it a focal point you can enjoy looking into every day?

If you’ve reflected enough on your bathroom mirror ideas and are ready to take the next step in the design process, explore Robern’s catalog of luxury bathroom fixtures today.

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