15 of the Best Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

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February 8, 2023
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Pairing functionality and style, bathroom cabinets can serve as touchstones for your design and an opportunity to show off your personality and unique taste. From vanities to medicine cabinets and linen cabinets, here are 15 of our favorite bathroom cabinet ideas to inspire your next redesign.  

Coordinated Black Bathroom Cabinet Idea

black oak bathroom cabinets

Matching black bathroom cabinets can ground the space in cohesion, allowing for bolder styles elsewhere in the room. This black vanity and matching linen cabinet combine oak and brushed metal for a modern look.

Maximum Storage With Minimal Intrusion

white bathroom with two full length medicine cabinets

Every bathroom needs storage space, but creating a clean design aesthetic can be a challenge when you have to put the extra shampoo and body wash somewhere. Personalize your storage with bathroom cabinet organization ideas that maximize functionality without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.  

High-Tech Medicine Cabinet

electronic bathroom cabinet with an uplift feature

Looking for unique bathroom medicine cabinet ideas? Enjoy the storage space you need for all your essentials paired with the sleek look of a vanity mirror. A hidden medicine cabinet offers a cutting-edge way to prevent storage from ruining the clean look of your design. Functionality never looked so chic.

Linen Cabinet With Open Shelves

chrome bathroom cabinet in front of a glossy tile black wall

Storage doesn’t have to be hidden behind doors, especially if you tend to be neat and tidy. A linen cabinet with open shelves allows you to show off your style by adding subtle decorative elements, making these modern shelves one of our favorite bathroom cabinet ideas.  

Pill Shape Medicine Cabinet

pill shape bathroom cabinet

The best small bathroom cabinet ideas create a standout design with limited space. A medicine cabinet in an unusual and striking pill shape is sure to leave an impression while providing concealed storage for all your essentials.  

Glossy White Bathroom Cabinet Idea for Linens

tall bathroom cabinet with 4 interior shelves and 1 exterior shelf on the bottom

Add a touch of elegance and classic grace to your bathroom with white linen cabinets. Seamlessly pairing with any design aesthetic or style, white bathroom cabinets can create a clean, modern look or a sense of traditional charm.

Design your space around you.

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Mirrored Medicine Cabinet With Lighting

lighted bathroom cabinet

One of our favorite bathroom medicine cabinet ideas can help shed a little light on your morning routine. Seamless, modular lighting can create ambient illumination and add a warmer glow to the space, providing you with the extra light you need for your daily routines.

Industrial Medicine Cabinet

bathroom medicine cabinet with glass shelves

For a sleek, modern look, choose bathroom cabinet ideas that feature metal accents. Metal is easy to match with other installations and storage, creating a timeless look that fits with almost any design.  

Five-Shelf Linen Cabinet Design

five shelf bathroom cabinet

Finding corner bathroom cabinet ideas to fit into a smaller space creates an opportunity for creativity in design and functionality. A tall linen cabinet with open shelves provides abundant storage and can be paired with a second shelf on either side of the bathroom vanity or fit neatly into a corner for out-of-the-way practical storage.  

Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Idea

open bathroom cabinet with glass shelves storing makeup products

Regardless of what type of cabinet you select for your bathroom, organization is key. Maximize the storage space with a variety of organizers to keep your cords from tangling, your makeup from spilling, and all your essentials within easy reach.  

Matte Gold Medicine Cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet with gold frame

Go beyond the standard mirrored medicine cabinet and make a bold statement with gold accents. Create a more cohesive design by matching the cabinet with gold faucets and drawer handles.  

Industrial Cabinet Idea

industrial bathroom cabinet made of metal with small circular holes

For bathroom cabinet ideas that fit with an industrial style, clean lines and stainless-steel frames can elevate your design. Durable and sleek metal storage provides both functionality and aesthetic beauty.

Innovative Lighted Medicine Cabinet

open bathroom cabinet with light

Lighted medicine cabinets allow you to easily find all your essentials, ensuring that you have the illumination you need to make your routine run smoothly. This innovative design offers dimming controls, temperature options, and even Bluetooth functionality to add a soundtrack to your morning and evening routines.

Nordic Linen Cabinet and Vanity Set

wood bathroom cabinets in a white scandinavian style bathroom

Flawlessly toeing the line between modern and traditional, these Nordic-inspired bathroom cabinets feature both practical storage and clean shapes for an effortless design. Whether you're looking for small bathroom cabinet ideas or have the space to add multiple pieces, the Nordic style is warm and inviting, turning your bathroom into a truly relaxing oasis.

Arch Top Medicine Cabinet

arch top bathroom cabinet

Show off your style with an arch top medicine cabinet reminiscent of a radius window, creating a striking visual impact while adding softness to your space. As a standout design, this cabinet can easily serve as the artistic focal point of your bathroom.  

Storage and Design Solutions

Whether remodeling an old bathroom or starting from scratch with a new build, the right bathroom cabinet ideas can provide you with the storage space you need while showing off an impeccable design. Explore our luxury bathroom fixtures, including vanities, medicine cabinets, and linen cabinets.

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