17 Bathroom Layout Ideas to Create an Elegant Experience

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February 3, 2023
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Whether renovating an existing bathroom or starting a new construction project, one of the most important considerations is the layout. The best bathroom layout idea for your project depends largely on the size of the space and personal design preferences, as well as budget.

From small guest baths to wide-open wet rooms, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite bathroom layout photos for your inspiration. Here are some of the best bathroom layout ideas for any size or design.  

Three-in-a-Row Wet Room

marble wet room bathroom with an open concept

This wet room, featuring water-resistant surfaces with open access to the bathtub and shower, is a luxurious bathroom layout idea. Marble and glass tile in varying colors and patterns create elegant visual separation in this open-concept bathroom.

The three-in-a-row approach involves installing the shower, tub, and vanity in a row for convenient placements and plumbing. This configuration easily accommodates two people at once, but you may wish to add a door, curtain, or larger divider wall for extra privacy.  

Corner Shower Bathroom Layout

bathroom with black shower enclosure, floating vanity, and lighted mirrors

This small, open-concept bathroom features a shower in the corner, with an enclosure to keep water from reaching the rest of the room. Depending on your space, you may wish to install a double vanity with double mirrors. Consider adding a simple towel holder in a natural wood finish to complete the look.

Elegant Wet Room

open bathroom with claw foot tub in middle, chandelier, and gold shower fixtures

Make a sophisticated statement by designing a wet room with a claw-foot tub in the center underneath a chandelier. Add a shower to one wall, with two console vanity areas on another wall flanking a fireplace. This bath layout is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself with decadent additions.  

Long and Narrow Bathroom Layout  

white and gold narrow bathroom

Working with a narrow space requires optimal distribution of all elements. A wall-to-wall tub or shower station creates the illusion that the bathroom is larger. Here, gleaming gold accents create against a white wall create opulence. Use white or neutrals for the rest of the room so the gold shades stand out.

Two-Sink Master Bath

white bathroom with a chrome shower enclosure in middle flanked by two floating vanities

For those who want separate vanities in their master bathrooms, this layout is perfect. This spa-like modern bathroom features two vanities located opposite a walk-in shower in a bright and airy space.

Master Bathroom Layout With a Tub and Shower  

gold and white bathroom design

This style is a great option for the master bath accessible by the main bedroom—the separate shower stall, bathtub, and twin vanities allow partners and families to easily share the facilities while getting ready. Consider a glass shower door for additional privacy.  

Maximize a Powder Room  

gray and white bathroom

Sometimes, you need to make the most out of a powder room by adding a tub or shower. While including a tub along with vanities and a toilet may sound like too much, you can make it work with the right approach. This powder room uses an open wet room approach for ease of moving around and fewer walls to restrict the space.  

If a wall in your bathroom faces a private and secluded area of your yard, consider installing a window. You can place your tub directly in front of it to enjoy nature during a soothing soak.  

Primary Bathroom Storage  

white bathroom with long vanity, three medice cabinets above sink, and two full-length medicine cabinets on each side

Creative storage solutions are necessary for bathrooms of all sizes. Adding luxury medicine cabinets is a functional and eye-catching way to maintain a clutter-free bathroom layout. For the most storage, consider installing two full length medicine cabinets on each side of your double vanity.  

Simple Shower Bathroom Layout  

grey bathroom with shower stall and black oak vanity

Even with a shower, a compact powder room can appear spacious. Opt for a minimalist design style to keep the interior feeling open and roomy. For the shower, you can go with a simple glass partition or skip the division altogether if space is a concern. This space-saving powder room allows for ease of use, whether taking a shower or washing your face at the double vanity.

Design your space around you.

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Bathroom Layout Idea With a Shower Room

white bathroom with blue vanity

When remodeling a small space, consider creating an alcove for the shower so it can be tucked into the wall. This opens up vanity options and even gives you room for small touches, like a bench or a stool.

Spa-Like Bathing Suite for a Master Bathroom Layout

white bathroom with tub in middle flanked by two single vanities on each side

Create a sense of openness by placing a freestanding tub between two vanities in your master bath. Luxury bathroom mirrors with lights add sophistication and practicality to this room. Use light colors to open up the room even more.  

Large Bathroom Layout Idea  

marble bathroom with freestanding tub, two vanities, and two tall linen cabinets

This stunning bathing suite sets the stage with stylized tile flooring juxtaposed by large format marble walls. A fluted marble tub is elevated atop a stepped marble base in the middle of the room, with matching luxury bathroom vanities set alongside the right wall. Two tall linen cabinets sit on each side of the vanities, offering discreet storage.

Minimalist Powder Room  

black bathroom with glossy tile and marble vanities

Create a functional powder room by placing two console vanities against the same wall as the toilet. Add depth and texture to the look with shiny tile and patterned quartz or marble vanity countertops.  

Make the Tub the Centerpiece in a Shared Bathroom

black bathroom with freestanding tub in center in front of a fireplace, flanked by two vanities

A freestanding tub in front of a roaring fireplace is a premier focal point. Separate vanities allow an additional layer of privacy in a shared bathroom.  

Narrow Bathroom Layout Design

white and gold bathroom with vanity and shower

Don’t be discouraged if you’re working with a narrow space for a master bath. Set the shower and tub on the right wall, with a double vanity set on the back wall, and a toilet on the left. Add a tile accent wall while sticking with neutrals for the rest of the room to create visual separation.

Luxurious Master Suite  

art deco bathroom with blue tile and carrara marble

Consider luxury bathroom linen cabinets on each side of the vanity to keep the space practical and free of clutter. On the right wall, you can create a shower room with a freestanding tub.  

Elegant Primary Bath

bathroom with double oak vanity and freestanding claw foot tub

This look is reminiscent of a presidential suite in the finest hotel. A sturdy wood vanity with fine workmanship and a claw-foot tub reflect the inviting elegance of traditional design.  

Create a Welcoming Sanctuary  

The bathroom is a personal sanctuary. A functional and stylish bathroom allows you to perform your daily rituals in a relaxing environment and help melt your stress away.

When planning your remodel or new build, make sure to prioritize functionality when designing your layout. Ensure there’s a natural flow to the room, as well as ample storage space.  

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