11 of the Best Bathroom Towels

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October 17, 2022
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Whether you have recently finished designing a bathroom or want to freshen up a current space, selecting bath towels is one of the last and most important steps. Bathroom towels should not only match your design but also provide warmth and comfort for your daily use. Here are the best bathroom towels that can add a beautiful finishing touch to any space.

Large White Towels

white bathroom towels draped over a white freestanding tub, with blue subway tile and black grout in the background
Credit: Nathaniel Kohfield

White towels are some of the most popular styles of bath towels because of their versatility. If your bathroom is designed with bold colors and patterns, white bath towels paired with white décor accents help to tie everything together. Due to their simplicity, white towels are often the top choice for those who prefer a minimalist bathroom style.

The standard bathroom towel measures 20 x 30 inches, while a large towel measures 40 x 58 inches or more. Large white towels may be the perfect addition to your bathroom and provide extra coverage.

How to Store Large White Towels

tall, white linen cabinet storing towels and bathing amenities

There are creative ways to store large white towels if space is scarce. Consider hanging them on attractive towel bars in the corner of the bathroom. If there is space for a linen cabinet, fold or roll the towels and stack them on a shelf.  

Waffle Towels

vanity drawers open revealing towels and amenities

While plush cotton towels are most associated with luxury, they may not dry quickly in certain environments. A waffle weave towel is one of the best quick-dry bath towels because it is typically made from breathable materials like bamboo yarn or light-weave cotton.

What We Love About Waffle Towels

Also known as lattice towels, waffle-weave cotton towels have a puckered look and feel light and thin to the touch. They are often quick to dry and highly absorbent. Display them on a bath towel rack in your bathroom to add texture to the space, or roll them up and store them neatly in a bathroom vanity with storage.

Turkish Bath Towels

bathroom a double wooden vanity, flanked by two hand towels hanging from wall-mounted rings, with a stool in the corner with a larger bath towel draped over it.

Consider a Turkish bath towel for an absorbent, quick-drying, and stylish option. Their absorbent properties make Turkish towels especially useful for traveling.

What We Love About Turkish Bath Towels

Featuring flat, light weaves and larger dimensions than a conventional bath towel, Turkish bath towels are a great choice for people who want some of the best bath towels that are quick-drying and don’t skimp on style. They are durable and long-lasting, becoming more absorbent with every wash.

Best Towels for Modern Bathrooms

bathroom with uplift medicine cabinet and matching hand and bath towels

The best bathroom towels for modern spaces depend on the color scheme. Many modern bathrooms are styled with gray and black tiles, fixtures, and décor, so matching your bath towels to those colors will create a cohesive look.

Modern Bathroom Styling Tips

one gray towel and one white towel hanging above a bathtub
Credit: @theblowupphoto

Consider draping large, plush towels over round wall hooks above your bathtub. You could also install metallic towel bars and rings—or even fold up towels and store them on a modern open-shelf linen cabinet.

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Tips for Styling Bath Towels

white towels in an industrial style bathroom drawer

There are various approaches to styling your bathroom towels, from subtle to extravagant. You can hang towels neatly over a stylish towel ring or display your towels in an open storage cabinet or on a vanity countertop.

Bohemian Styling Tips for Bathroom Towels

modern coastal bathroom with oak vanity and towels folded up on a wood stool

Your bohemian bathroom isn’t complete without the best bath towels to enhance the space. Match the fronds of your indoor foliage with a fringed bath towel, or round out the varied materials and textures in the room with Turkish bath towels.

Focus on making varying textures, patterns, and colors look carefree. Loosely fold your bath towels and place them on a wooden stool or drape them attractively over the bathtub. Fold hand towels and put them on the bathroom sink countertop as a lovely juxtaposition with handcrafted bowls and sleek fixtures.  

Best Luxury Bath Towels

white fluffy bathroom towels

Your luxury bathroom design doesn’t stop at your bath towels. Incorporating Egyptian cotton towels in your bathroom will enhance the opulent feel of the space.

What We Love About Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

An Egyptian cotton bath towel is the perfect addition to any elegant bathroom because of its plush feel and high absorbency. What it lacks in quick-dry abilities, it makes up for in superior softness—in fact, it becomes softer with every wash.

Best Towels for Traditional Bathrooms

white and gray bathroom with a glass vase of purple flowers
Credit: @dualconceptdesign

Traditional bathrooms evoke a sense of comfort, perhaps even harkening back to your childhood home. Your updated traditional bathroom should have bath towels with a timeless look.

Traditional Bathroom Styling Tips

white bathroom with white towels hanging from a wall-mounted white towel bar
Credit: Paul Hanaoka

Hang your traditional towels neatly on a stylish towel rod, with the large bath towels placed first and smaller hand towels or washcloths on top. This creates an orderly, harmonious look in your traditional space.

Best Hand Towels for a Bathroom

black shiny bathroom tile wall with a polished towel ring, with a white and black towel

When looking for the best hand towels for your bathroom, selecting ones that are absorbent and quick-drying due to their heavy use is important. Opt for hand towels that are listed as lightweight or that have a light weave.

How to Store Hand Towels

Hanging hand towels on a wall-mounted ring is a popular choice. You can also roll up or neatly fold your hand towels to fit snugly in the compartment if you have a vanity with a storage drawer. This method will also work in a linen cabinet or closet.

Best Bathroom Towel Sets

art deco bathroom with five shelf linen cabinet holding towels

Purchasing bathroom towels as part of a set is a great way to add cohesion to your space. When there are various elements in your bathroom—from mixed furniture materials to contrasting tile designs—it is essential to have matching towels. For the most cohesive look, select towels in one neutral color, like white, gray, or beige.

How to Store Bath Towel Sets

Storing sets of bath towels is easiest with an open linen cabinet. Fold hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths neatly and set each towel type on different cabinet shelves.

Bath Towels for Industrial Bathrooms

industrial bathroom with wall-mount towel rings

Brick walls, concrete floors, and a mix of woods and metals define industrial style. How do you find the best towels for a bathroom designed in this style? Choose towels in earthy, neutral tones that help soften the rough textures and angles in your space.

How to Style Bath Towels for Industrial Bathrooms

Incorporate your preferred bath towels into your bathroom design in an open shelf or cabinet concept. The towel’s visible texture will help create a soft, soothing feel in your industrial space. Roll unused towels and place them on an open storage shelf. Hang hand towels on industrial-style towel rings against your brick wall.

Choosing bathroom towels is an important step in your bathroom design process. The best bath towels work seamlessly in your space and add comfort to your daily bathing ritual. Pair your beautiful new towels with Robern vanities, mirrors, and fixtures in your preferred style.

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