21 Bathroom Furniture Ideas for a Variety of Styles

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February 3, 2023
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Looking to decorate your bathroom with the right furniture? Your choice of vanities, linen cabinets, chairs, and tables will directly impact the aesthetic and functionality of the space. As with any room design, there are a variety of ways that you can create a cohesive and compelling style for your bathroom with the right furniture pieces.  

From seating to storage, add personal touches and pops of color to your design with these bathroom furniture ideas from Robern.  

Add Natural Warmth With a Woven Chair

bathroom with double oak vanity and thick, black frame mirrors

For simple seating with an artisan feel, a woven bathroom chair adds a sense of texture and warmth to any space. With the wood floors and a traditional dresser-style vanity, the result is a welcoming and comforting design that is simultaneously functional and cozy.  

Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Idea  

modern bathroom with floating vanity and pill shape mirror

A bathroom vanity is an opportunity to express a compelling aesthetic. Consider a floating, modular option with clean lines for a minimalist appeal. Add a luxury medicine cabinet like this pill-shaped option to soften the clean lines of the simple vanity and modern folding chair.  

Curved Lines Soften Hard Edges

luxurious bathroom vanity with reeded gold exterior, with a vessel sink atop the counter

Pairing sharp edges, like these minimalist wall-mounted bathroom vanity cabinets, with softer forms, such as the curved stool and vessel sink, creates a pleasing contrast of texture and form. The small stool easily hides in the open space beneath the vanity, able to be drawn out for use in daily routines.  

Black Bathroom Furniture With a Touch of Gold

gray bathroom with black oak vanity

High-end vanities can turn the entire space into a striking display of artistry. The dark stained wood of this vanity features brass accents that reflect the light, adding a touch of warmth to the room. With the addition of a wooden bench for seating or storage, the resulting design is at once modern and inviting.

Blend Modern and Traditional Bathroom Furniture for a Transitional Design

black oak bathroom vanity with gold hardware

You don’t have to color-match your bathroom furniture—in fact, your chosen pieces don’t even have to be the same style. Transitional design allows you to pair modern and traditional elements, creating a unique look that toes the line between the two styles. Here, the classic, gold-accented bathroom hutch vanity partners with a rattan chair for an original aesthetic.  

Pair a Quartz Countertop With Cool Wood Cabinets

quartz bathroom vanity countertop

When choosing a bathroom vanity, you’ll want to consider what style drawers and doors you like best. Another key component is the vanity top material. Not only should your vanity top reflect your aesthetic preferences, but it should also be durable and easy to clean. We recommend a quartz countertop for the best quality. Opt for a marble-inspired pattern to add a touch of sophistication.

Bathroom Furniture Idea for Decorations and Storage Space

woman standing at a bathroom vanity

Designer linen cabinets with open shelves provide extra storage space, as well as the opportunity to add decorative touches to your design. Whether you place elegantly folded towels or décor with pops of color on the shelves, the open concept offers nearly endless opportunities for expression.  

Wood Bathroom Furniture With Metallic Accents

wood vanity

Some traditional ideas work best because they are timeless. The wood drawers of a classic bathroom side table or vanity pair well with almost any countertop color. Add matte or reflective metal drawer pulls for a touch of sheen that will stand out against the natural grain of the wood.  

Sleek and Modern Bathroom Furniture Idea

black vanity countertop with white sink

For a more modern design sensibility, the clean lines of sleek cabinets provide both storage space and fluid functionality for your bathroom routines. Consider pairing your modern vanity with elegant faucets and a black countertop for a classic yet forward-looking design.  

Wall-Mounted Vanities Provide Extra Storage

white bathroom vanity

If you have limited space, a floating wall-mounted vanity paired with bathroom mirrors can provide additional room underneath for storing products and tools, as well as decorative touches like woven bathroom storage baskets. The sleek look of this cabinet offers ample counter space and storage for all your bathroom essentials.  

Warm Bathroom Furniture in a Monochromatic Room

white bathroom with blue vanity

In a modern bathroom of light colors and clean lines, a wooden bench or bathroom stool stands out with gentle, natural warmth. Whether used as a spa-like station for relaxing, extra storage for towels, or a space for decorative touches, a bench or stool can be the ideal addition to any bathroom.

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Add Elegance With Comfortable Seating

white bathroom with full length mirrored medicine cabinet

If you want to evoke elegance in every aspect of your bathroom design, consider a padded seat on a gold or silver frame to match the details of the rest of the room. Draped with a luxury towel, this loveseat-style seating hearkens back to the Art Deco design sensibility, giving the room an extra touch of class.  

Blend Styles With Wood Cabinetry and Modern Seating

white bathroom with lattice walls, with oak vanity and two rectangular mirrors with oak frame

Instead of carefully matching each piece of furniture, choose pieces that you find visually interesting and look for ways to pair them in your design. Here, the warm wood of the luxury mirrors and bathroom sink vanity provides a stable focal point for the room, while the modern lines of the black chair create a sense of boldness.  

Create Clean Lines With Simple Styles

white bathroom with wood ceiling

For a clean and elegant design, pair warm wood pieces with a wood ceiling and floor to contrast plain white walls. Decorative touches like sconces and a soft rug add a touch of personality while still maintaining a compellingly simple aesthetic. As a bonus, this vanity can even serve as a bathroom storage rack for essentials.  

Match Gold Accents on Your Bathroom Furniture

white and black bathroom with black oak vanity

While gold certainly gives off an opulent vibe, sometimes it is best to be subtle. Gold accents, like the cabinet pulls on a bathroom washstand or the legs of a bench, can create a sense of chic luxury without feeling overbearing.  

Show Off Your Style With Open Shelving

white and wood scandnavian style bathroom

If you’re looking to show off decorative accents, an open-shelved linen cabinet might be the perfect addition to your project. While often used to display decorative trinkets, these open shelves can also double as storage for extra bathroom essentials. Drawers underneath offer exceptional storage space.  

Expand Your Storage With New Bathroom Furniture

industrial bathroom with brick wall and metal cabinets

A large bathroom may require additional storage space, so choose furniture that provides you with all the room you need for extra towels, styling tools, and other bathroom essentials. Matching the vanity cabinet with a vertical linen cabinet can give your design a cohesive sensibility.  

Exude Elegance With a Bathroom Sofa  

traditional parisian style bathroom with chandelier

For a spacious room, adding a bathroom couch can provide luxurious seating and a touch of timeless class to your design. Paired here with a stunning vanity cabinet and a stool for draping towels or a bathrobe, the design evokes the feeling of a museum exhibit with an added sense of warmth.  

Create a Cozy Seating Area

luxury bathroom vanity area with plush carpet and velvet chairs

If you have a large open area in your bathroom, consider turning it into a seating area, just like you would with a traditional living space. Add a plush rug, an elegant coffee table, and pair of chairs to establish the ideal place to prepare for a night out with friends, complete with luxury bathroom mirrors with lights.  

Get Ready In Luxury With Opulent Bathroom Furniture

luxury bathroom with chandelier

While the lines of this vanity cabinet may be simple, the surrounding details elevate the design to heightened elegance. The graceful curves of a chair can have a huge impact on the feel of a room, while providing the practical purpose of seating for grooming and styling.  

Window Seating for Your Bathroom

white bathroom with toilet and single vanity and reading nook with window

If your bathroom has a large window ledge, consider transforming the space into a window seat with a few decorative pillows or a cozy cushion. Paired here with a simple, elegant stool, the result is a glamorous design that makes the room feel larger.

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