35 of the Best Bathroom Shelving Ideas

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October 6, 2022
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No matter the size of your bathroom, we've got customizable bathroom shelving décor ideas for all types of spaces. The best bathroom shelving ideas are unique and functional—the core goals of bespoke design. Whether you need to display decorations or add storage for skincare products, you can choose from fixed or floating shelves in classic or contemporary styles.

Color and Material Ideas for Your Bathroom Shelves

white claudette linen cabinet storing bathroom towels and various decorative items

Tall and slender, the Claudette luxury linen cabinets offer Hollywood glamour and an elegant way to add bathroom shelving. This suite also features a color-matched stone shelf in Catia Gray.

Black Bathroom Shelving Design Idea

black bathroom vanity with white countertop perched below AiO cabinet from Robern

In a fundamental approach to modern monochrome design, floating black shelves and vanities add contrast to this bright bathroom design illuminated by lighted bathroom mirrors.

Wooden Bathroom Shelving Idea

white countertop bathroom vanity with wooden legs

Wood shelves for bathrooms often evoke a spa-like appeal. Our Bodo Vanities feature open storage shelving with a truss beam design offered in Light Burnt Oak or Light Gray Oak.

Clear Bathroom Shelving

glass shelving holding various containers inside of a bathroom medicine cabinet

Adding bathroom shelves can come in the form of a useful and technologically advanced cabinet. PL PORTRAY cabinets are offered in a multitude of shapes and sizes and can be equipped with slow-close hinges, a magnetic strip, interior lighting, USB charging ports, electrical outlets, and phone holders.

How to Add Bathroom Shelving to a Compact Space

white bathroom vanity mounted beneath a robern AiO lighted medicine cabinet

Small brown shelves add storage for amenities and décor in this powder room. Consider accompanying your wall cabinets with floating shelves for a clever way to use wall space without compromising square footage.

Gold Bathroom Shelves

luxury bathroom with gold shelves

Coordinate matte gold accents across your vanity, mirrored cabinets, and linen cabinets for a cohesive modern flair.

Medicine Cabinets With Glass Bathroom Shelves

glass bathroom shelves

Add storage to your bathroom with medicine cabinets outfitted with interior shelves, providing ease of cleaning while storing self-care necessities.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Shelving Design Idea

modern bathroom with light colored vanities and white brick backsplash

Our Skaarsgard Collection turns your bathroom into a luxury escape while providing maximum storage capacity.

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Creative Alternatives to Traditional Bathroom Shelves

alternatives to traditional bathroom shelves

Dual cabinet shelving, along with a decorative ladder, tub caddy, and multi-use bench provide places to store necessities and decorations alike.

Industrial Bathroom Shelving Idea

dark wood vanity with gold trim on rustic brick wall

Articulate your finest bathroom shelving ideas with the elevated industrial design of our Mackey Collection, with vanities and cabinets featuring sleek profiles and stainless steel framework.

Sophisticated Bathroom Shelving Design Idea

slender glass medicine cabinet containing various toiletries

Our R³ Series medicine cabinets feature adjustable shelves, a three-mirror design, slow-close hinges, and a thin-profile glass door.

High-Tech Medicine Cabinet Shelving Idea

TUN technology lighted medicine cabinet mounted above floating vanity

Take your bathroom shelving into the future with our high-tech TUN Technology, which allows you to fine-tune the color temperature to pamper yourself in preparation for your desired destination, whether it’s a bright office space or a candlelit dinner.

Modular Solution for Medicine Cabinet Shelving

modular medicine cabinet

How to add bathroom shelving is entirely up to you with these modular cabinets allowing you to design a unique space for both style and function.

Modern Medicine Cabinet Shelving Design

modern medicine cabinet

With highly functional, innovative cabinets, our M Series Reserve Collection provides the ultimate storage solution for self-care necessities.

Hidden Medicine Cabinet Shelving

A modern kitchen drawer partially opened with a bowl containing bread inside, illuminated by an internal light.

Change the way you think about bathroom shelving with our Uplift Tech Cabinet, featuring state-of-the-art technology, superior task lighting, and luxurious finishes. The innovative door lifts straight up and holds in position.

Lighted Medicine Cabinet Shelving

warm colored photo of lighted robern medicine cabinet with plugs

Uplift Tech features integrated lighting, interior cabinet lighting and an upgrade to TUN Technology, which allows for fine-tuning to groom for where you're going, whether it is a candlelit dinner or a bright office space.

Unique Medicine Cabinet Shelving Idea

pill shaped medicine cabinet with two glass shelves

When you think about bathroom shelving and medicine cabinets, they are usually rectangular. Consider adding a chic design element to your bathroom with this contemporary pill shape medicine cabinet for a dramatic visual impact.

Medicine Cabinet Shelving With Accessory Storage

close up of medicine cabinet with storage compartments containing makeup materials

Bathroom shelving ideas for the organized person are manifested in this cabinet that offers multiple accessories to keep your space tidy and uncluttered.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelving Idea

wooden open shelving vanity for modern bathroom

How to add bathroom shelving can take various forms, but the most efficient is to have your vanity do double duty. Evoking the appearance of a modern ski retreat, the Bodo vanity offers open shelving space to display accessories.

Floating Vanity Shelving for Custom Configurations

floating vanity shelving

A floating vanity offers a contemporary design while making it easier to clean the bathroom floor. Customized modular options allow you to express your inner design expert with different heights and colors.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Shelves

wood colored shiplap wall with 2 oval shaped mirros above wooden floating vanities

Our Helden Collection offers a relaxed coastal look and a space-saving design.

Convenient Bathroom Shelf Idea

floating double sink vanity underneath AiO lighted mirrors

Install compact wall shelves above your vanity to store towels or other goods.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Decorations

warm bathroom with black accented wood vanity underneath curved corner vanity

A bathroom can be a spa-like escape from the world. Surround yourself with things you love by adding open bathroom shelving to display your favorite items.

Discreet Bathroom Shelf Idea

uplift tech touch open bathroom vanity

Adding bathroom shelves in the form of a closed cabinet is a perfect solution for clean and minimal designs.

Small Bathroom Shelf Idea

small two shelf module in between two sinks mounted on black tile wall

A compact linen shelf is perfect for a smaller space like a powder room. This high-end design showcases a Polished Stainless Steel finish and three stone shelves for open storage.

Large Bathroom Shelf Idea

vanity and shelf set with metal accents stationed in front of blue subway tile bathroom wall

When you have a larger space to work with, bathroom shelving ideas are infinite. This art deco-inspired mixed material tall tower lends sensibility to your space while providing essential storage.

Vertical Bathroom Shelf Idea

white bathroom with wall mounted, glass, vertical bathroom shelves

Opt for an advanced bathroom shelving idea, such as this full length medicine cabinet.

Bathroom Corner Shelf Idea

corner vanity cabinet mounted next to double walled vanity

Make the most of your space by installing shelving in the corner or above.

Linen Cabinet Shelf Idea

patterned wood wall with dual lighting fixtures around wooden shelf and vanity

Adding bathroom shelves in the form of a designer linen cabinet is a great way to display your bath towels.

Recessed Bathroom Shelf for the Tub

bathing area with a freestanding tub, behind it is a shelf the same material as the wall with candles on it. a lighted mirror hangs above reflecting the other side of the room and wood paneled ceiiing

A recessed shelf is a convenient way to store items while providing an architectural element to the bathroom.

Shower Shelving Décor

shower shelf which houses candle and giraffe decor

Utilize a built-in shelf to display plants, candles, and trinkets.

Small Bathroom Shelf With Bathing Amenities

black and white colored tile in shower highlighting towel holder

Place a small shelf next to the tub for easy access to soaps, brushes, and other spa necessities.

Bathroom Shelf Above Toilet

bathroom shelf over toilet housing decoration

A classic space-saving approach is to install a shelf above your toilet, whether for essential amenities or decorations.

Simple Shower Shelf Idea

metal bathroom shelf in shower with textured wall

A small shelf in your shower can be all you need for a little extra storage.

Built-In Shelves for Bathtubs

end to end shelving over built in bathtub in front of window

Design your bathing area with built-in shelves flanking the tub for an ample and elegant storage solution.

FAQs About Bathroom Shelving Ideas

How do I decorate bathroom shelves?

Bathroom shelves are a home for anything you might need within close reach but also to display design items that will inspire you to feel great about the day ahead of you.

Where do I put bathroom shelves?

You can add bathroom shelves in the form of wall-mount or freestanding configurations.

How do I organize the bathroom closet with shelves?

Adjustable shelves for the bathroom are a great way to keep everything you need to organize your bathroom space. Keep everything from towels to extra shower amenities here.

Which height to put hanging shelves in the bathroom?

If people of varying heights share a bathroom, putting the shelves somewhere midway between them is a good idea. Linen cabinet shelving would also be helpful as the taller person can put items at the top, and there will still be available shelves lower down.

Which shelves should I put in my bathroom?

Consult inspiration galleries to find design styles that suit your personal tastes. Advanced technology in medicine cabinets offers more than just mirrors with storage. Many Robern medicine cabintes include adjustable lighting, USB ports, electrical plugs, and storage compartments to hold a phone and other small items.

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