12 Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors

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February 3, 2023
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A well-lit bathroom is practical and visually appealing, allowing you to accomplish daily routines comfortably. The right lighting can transform your space, making a compact area feel more open. There are several different approaches to bathroom lighting, and one common strategy is to place lights above your vanity mirror to provide ample illumination for grooming and beautifying—whether you’re getting ready for a day at work or a night out.  

There are a variety of lighting options designed to pair with your vanity, but what type of fixture or arrangement should you choose? Explore our bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors below to inspire your design.

Add Consistent Lighting in All the Right Places

white and wood bathroom design

If the size and output of the light source are sufficient, you may be able to get away with one light fixture over two mirrors. This can come in the form of a ceiling-mounted chandelier or a wall-mounted tube light. Depending on the needs of the space, you can add sconces on the sides of the mirror for extra light.  

Remember this: while you want ample light, you don’t want harsh lighting, either. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.

Fluorescent Bathroom Lighting Over a Round Mirror  

modern bathroom design with multiple sources of light

Take a modern and strategic approach to bathroom mirror lighting by placing sufficient light sources at all angles. To begin, a round lighted bathroom mirror provides ideal task lighting for shaving, applying makeup, or plucking your eyebrows. Recessed fluorescent ceiling lights and wall-mounted sconces provide the finishing touches.

Enhance your everyday routines and re-create this look by exploring our bathroom mirrors with lights.

Elegant Chandelier and Sconce Arrangement

parisian bathroom design with chandelier and three-panel mirror

A chandelier above a triptych mirror exudes luxury in this classic Parisian suite. Sconces with the same fixture shape as the chandelier flank the mirror to create a sense of upscale cohesion, with soft lighting adding warmth. Light colored surfaces and décor add to the spacious feeling of the room.

Recessed Lighting Above Bathroom Mirror  

hotel bathroom design

If your bathroom has windows, you have access to plenty of natural light during the day, meaning you need additional light sources for nighttime. Subtle recessed lighting provides a soft illumination to help you relax and prepare your brain for sleep. With a dimmer, the recessed lighting can also create the perfect mood lighting for a nice, relaxing soak.  

Bathroom Side Mirror Lights With a Chandelier

marble wet room bathroom design

Luxury bathroom medicine cabinets or mirrors with side lights provide just the right brightness for daily tasks. Lighted mirrors are also a great focal point for rooms with many patterns and textures. Add an eccentric chandelier above the mirror to ensure ample illumination.

Multiple Pendant Lights Above Vanity Mirror  

modern hotel bathroom design

Hanging pendant lights close to your mirror allows the light to bounce off the glass and reflect throughout the room. Pendant lights are also more unique than traditional fluorescent tubes or sconces, offering decorative flair to your bathroom design.  

Consider Side Lights for Your Bathroom Mirror

industrial bathroom design with brick wall

Illuminate your luxury bathroom vanities with a sconce on each side. In a warm and industrial space, opt for brass, bronze, or gold sconce fixtures to create a soft gleam. Consider a ceiling mounted light if you need additional brightness in your space.

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Single Pendant Light Above Bathroom Mirror

pill shape bathroom mirror

Create a smooth visual flow by matching the contours of your pendant light to the shape of your mirror. If your mirror is rounded, use a rounded pendant light. If the mirror is square, look for a lighting option with strong horizontal lines. Add night lights to your vanity drawers for extra glow.

Simple Bathroom Lighting and Mirror Ideas for a Small Space  

rectangle light fixture above bathroom vanity in a white room

In a small space, it’s best to utilize white surfaces and ample light to make the room feel larger. Sometimes, a classic tube light is the perfect fit above your bathroom mirror in this situation. Add a small light in the ceiling above the shower for extra light in that area.  

Create visual interest in a small white bathroom with patterned surfaces, such as hexagonal tile floors and marble tile walls.

Industrial Wall Sconces  

industrial bathroom design with metal wall

The appeal of an industrial accent wall can be maximized with a lighting upgrade. Add other light sources, such as a chandelier, tube light, or a freestanding lamp, as you see fit.

Recessed Vanity Lights Over Mirrors

hotel bathroom with lighted mirrors and backlit vanities

If you have an extra-long vanity, consider giving each mirror its own lighting. This lighting idea will create a glow effect for each mirror and allow the light to bounce around the room. Combine ceiling lights with lighted mirrors and lighted vanities for ultimate illumination.  

Long, Exposed Bulbs  

black and white bathroom design with bars of light above mirrors

This versatile bathroom lighting idea will mesh with a modern look or add elegance to a traditional-style bathroom. The exposed bulbs provide more light than their covered counterparts, making them ideal above a vanity. Simple, unframed mirrors complement exposed lighting.  

Consider All of Your Options Carefully When Choosing Lighting Over Your Mirror

When upgrading your bathroom, it’s easy to be drawn in by displays and examples. While searching through endless pictures of vanity lights over mirrors, you may start to focus on just the fixtures themselves and not take the whole room into account.  

For example, if you have a large room, recessed lighting may not be the most efficient option for you. Recessed lighting provides a subtle, focused glow—in this case, you may need to install a dozen lights, as opposed to a large light fixture that illuminates much more of the room.  

Sconces are also a popular choice. However, if you use your bathroom vanity to apply makeup, the covered sconces may be too dim for your needs. On the flip side, if you get ready in a separate part of the house and spend most of your bathroom time soaking in a luxury tub, bright lights may ruin the calmness you’re trying to achieve.

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