18 of the Best Bathroom Colors

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March 8, 2023
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Choosing a color for your bathroom can be a challenge. The right colors can make your design more cohesive, while the wrong color can throw off the entire aesthetic. Whether you choose to start with a paint color or are looking for the right hue to match your cabinets, floor, or fixtures, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best colors for bathrooms.  

Add Hints of Golden Glamour  

gold bathroom color on vanity, wall tile, faucets, and mirror frame

To create an elegant look, you can’t go wrong with gold accents, whether around the vanity, on the faucet and fixtures, or as part of the wall color. Splashes of gold against a white wall can easily be achieved through tile or paint color, with a textured look that adds visual interest to the room.  

Go Classic With Black and White

black and white bathroom colored tiles

Fitting easily into a modern or traditional design, black and white are two of the most classic bathroom colors. The sharp contrast between the two tones allows for pops of color elsewhere in the décor, as well as little flourishes of elegance and personal style.  

Cozy Up With Natural Earth Tones

green bathroom color

Warm colors can make any bathroom feel like an inviting oasis—your relaxing escape from the daily grind. Earth tones, like a deep green, can provide the ideal contrast for lighter-colored cabinetry and fixtures. Instead of rolling the paint on the walls, consider using a sponge with layered shades to create a unique texture and give your bathroom an artisan appearance.

Keep It Simple With White Walls

small white and black bathroom with lighted medicine cabinet

When looking for the best colors for small bathrooms, consider classic white. Light colors can make a small space feel more open and provide a striking contrast to darker cabinets. Add touches of color with wall art, accessories, or lighting fixtures to show off your unique style.  

Exude Elegance With Shades of Cream

cream bathroom color with black framed mirror

For a warmer look than white with a gentler contrast, consider varying shades of cream and beige—two of the best bathroom colors. Both colors are subtle neutrals that fit well with any design and still create a feeling of openness in smaller spaces. Pair this color scheme with a black-framed mirror for a dramatic contrast.

Choose High-Contrast Black and Gray

black and gray colored bathroom

A mixture of black and gray can create contrast with light cabinets and accents, creating a look of uniquely bold elegance.  

Black and Gold Bathroom Colors

black oak bathroom vanity with gold colored hardware

For a bold effect, pair black surfaces with gold accents. With black-stained wood and golden brass elements, this vanity exudes elegance.  

Create a Relaxing Oasis With Cool Blue  

white and blue bathroom colors

As one of the best bathroom colors, blue features calming properties, making it the perfect tone for a space where you want to feel at ease. Whether you paint a single wall blue, add blue tiling as part of a backsplash, or cover the entire bathroom in cool ocean shades, this color choice can make you feel like you're lounging at the seaside.  

Make a Bold Statement With Brass  

reeded brass bathroom vanity with gold color and recessed lighting

The reeded brass surface of this vanity showcases undeniable luxury with inset lighting offering a subtle glow. Painting the walls black can make the vanity stand out, creating a strong design statement.  

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Paint Part of the Wall

traditional bathroom with speckled marble walls and oak wood vanity

Selecting a color for your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall—or even the entire wall. Consider covering part of the wall with tile or wallpaper and then painting the rest of it. This gives you an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and plan a cohesive color scheme, such as this cream color that matches the marble design.

Color-Match to the Vanity Countertop

bathroom vanity countertop made of quartz, manufactured with the appearance of natural marble stone patterns and flecks

While some homeowners choose the best color to paint a bathroom first in their design, if you have a countertop or vanity that you love, you may want to choose your paint color based on that palette. A marbled gray countertop may go well with a variety of cool colors, while a darker countertop would look best with light tones for the sharpest contrast.

Create an Accent Wall Around the Vanity

black and white bathroom colors

Turn your vanity area into the bathroom’s focal point by painting the wall around the cabinet and mirror a different color than the rest of the room. The best colors to paint a bathroom create a sense of contrast, so if your vanity is a darker shade, consider a lighter color for the accent wall.  

Add Texture to Your Bathroom Colors  

white bathroom color with lighted mirror

A great way to add visual interest to your bathroom design is to make texture a part of your wall. Whether using paint or tile, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate unique textures into your bathroom colors.  

Pair Soft Grays With Patterned Tiles

white marble bathroom walls with blue marble vanity countertops

If you’ve found a tile pattern for your bathroom that you absolutely love, you may want to choose a subtler paint color and allow the floors to serve as the focal point of your design. A light, softer gray can serve as a neutral backdrop to bolder patterns, creating a contrast that delights the eye.

Immerse the Room in Dark Blue

blue wet room bathroom

One of the best colors for bathrooms is a darker blue, which can create a sense of coolness and calm. While darker colors work best in larger spaces, a dark blue accent wall can provide focus to your design in a smaller bathroom as well.  

Go Modern With Glossy Black Walls

black bathroom

Add some shine to your bathroom walls with glossy black paint or tile that catches the light.  

Expand the Space by Pairing Light Colors

white bathroom

The best colors for small bathrooms are lighter shades that make the space feel more open, and choosing a light paint color to pair with a pastel vanity can help create a comforting and inviting feel.  

Enhance Contrast With Burgundy Walls

purple bathroom with white sink and toilet

Contrast doesn’t have to be as simple as black and white. A unique color choice, like a deep burgundy, can also pair well with lighter fixtures and accents and provide a stunning backdrop to your bathroom décor.  

Discover the Best Bathroom Colors and Textures

The best color to paint a bathroom is one that makes the design feel cohesive and allows you to express your personal style and décor preferences. From moody to playful, the choices are almost endless. With a little inspiration, you can find the best bathroom colors for your design. Learn more about how Robern uses colors and textures for our luxury bathroom products.

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