The 15 Best Interior Design Companies to Transform Your Home

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June 16, 2023
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Your home is your sanctuary. It's a place of comfort and relaxation, where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world. But how do you create a space that truly reflects your personality and style? The answer is simple: by hiring the best interior design companies to transform your home.

What Do the Best Interior Design Companies Do?

Interior design companies offer a wide range of services, from concept development to project management, to bring your vision to life. The best interior design companies cater to the unique needs and preferences of their clients.  

Some of the key things that the best interior design companies do include:

  • Tailor their services to each client's unique needs and preferences.
  • Offer a wide range of design services, from concept development to construction management.
  • Use their knowledge of design trends and techniques to create beautiful, functional spaces.
  • Collaborate with architects, builders, and other professionals to ensure seamless project execution.
  • Use high-quality materials and finishes to create lasting, timeless designs.
  • Create a strong client-designer relationship built on trust, respect, and open communication.
  • Offer excellent customer service and support before, during, and after the design process.
  • Deliver exceptional value for the client's investment by creating beautiful and functional spaces that improve their quality of life.  

Of course, certain interior design firms specialize in particular areas. Some interior decorating companies may prefer mid-century modern, while others may prefer a maximalist approach.

Luxury Interior Designers Who Stand Out

When it comes to luxury interior design, there are a few names that stand out from the rest. Explore our list of some of the best interior design companies that can bring your ideas to life.

Editor’s note: Many of the featured design companies are current or previous collaborators or ambassadors. This is noted as such in each case.

Kelly Wearstler

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As a Los Angeles-based interior designer, Kelly Wearstler has transformed her interior design company into an interdisciplinary powerhouse. The Kelly Wearstler lifestyle brand infuses architecture, creative direction, and brand identity into its projects.  

Best for a Maximalist Design

Kelly Wearstler is known for her ability to create spaces that are both glamorous and playful, with a focus on creating a sense of drama and excitement. The designer's work is characterized by its use of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unexpected textures.

Widell + Boschetti

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Widell + Boschetti is a Moorestown, New Jersey based boutique interior design firm founded by Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti. The firm is dedicated to providing clients with innovative designs that reflect a harmonious vision and unique value.

Combining Traditional and Modern Elements
screenshot of interior design website

This duo shares a passion for blending traditional and modern elements. Learn more about the design process of these Robern Brand Ambassadors in our interview with the powerhouse behind Widell + Boschett.

Studio McGee

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Based in Utah, Studio McGee specializes in creating approachable and timeless spaces. The firm's work is characterized by its use of natural materials, neutral color palettes, and attention to detail.

Best for a Signature Modern Farmhouse Style

If you love the modern farmhouse style, consider Studio McGee. Their designs are warm and inviting, many with thoughtful uses of wood and stone.

Alena Capra Designs

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As an award-winning interior design firm based in Florida, Alena Capra Designs has completed various projects throughout the country. And owner Alena Capra has more than 16 years of expertise in designing interiors.

Certified and Experienced
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Along with being a Robern Brand Ambassador, Alena Capra is a graduate of the University of Miami and the Metropolitan Institute of Design. She is also a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD) through the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

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Founded by Nicholas Moriarty, NM Interiors is a full-scale interior design and renovation firm. Their client-focused and forward-thinking approach has created an efficient, detailed, and transparent process.

Modern Interiors With an Eclectic Touch
screenshot of interior design website

NM Interiors is recognizable for its signature eclectic, contemporary, and modern style. Read our Q&A to learn more about Nicholas’ approach to design as a Robern Brand Ambassador.

Noz Design

screenshot of interior design website

Noz Design is a residential interior design firm located in San Francisco, California. Led by founder and principal designer Noz Nozawa, the firm has been recognized for their innovative approach to design, as well as their ability to seamlessly blend different design styles to create cohesive and personalized spaces.

Best for Artful Interior Designs
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Its founder, Noz Nozawa, holds a degree in Art History and uses her education to create designs that have rich context and meaning. Read our Q&A with Robern Brand Ambassador Noz Nozawa to learn more about how she incorporates forms, textures, and patterns into her designs.  

Erinn V. Design

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Erinn Valencich is a highly acclaimed interior designer who founded her own design firm in Los Angeles in 2005. She has since become a sought-after expert in the field, known for her timeless and sophisticated designs. Her portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including residential homes, commercial spaces, and furniture design.

Internationally Recognized Design Firm
screenshot of interior design website

With more than 16 years of experience, Erinn has designed for an international clientele creating beautiful and functional spaces. Her designs have been featured in numerous publications, including Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, and she has collaborated with brands such as HGTV, NBC, and Robern.  

Kerrie Kelly Design Studio

screenshot of interior design website

Kerrie Kelly Design Studio is a full-service interior design firm based in Sacramento, California. Founded by Kerrie Kelly in 1995, the studio provides a range of design services, including space planning, color consultation, custom furniture design, and lighting design.

Timeless Elegance and Functionality
screenshot of interior design website

Like several designers on this list, Kerrie Kelly is a part of Robern’s Brand Ambassador Program. We are honored to collaborate with her on high-end design projects that prioritize craftsmanship, elegance, and functionality.  

Rahimi Designs

screenshot of interior design website

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rahimi Designs is known for building out condominium units. Founder Pedram Rahimi was responsible for designing three luxury units in the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas high-rise (formerly Residences at Mandarin Oriental). To create stunning personalized spaces that complemented the luxury hotel, he turned to the custom design team at Robern for world-class functionality and amenities.

Contemporary Build-Design Projects  

Rahimi's attention to detail and his passion for defying the norm in design is reflected in his ability to blend functionality with contemporary design.  

Robin Chell Design

screenshot of interior design website

Robin Chell Design (RCD) is an award-winning interior design firm based in Seattle, Washington. The firm's founder, Robin Chell, is known for her signature style that balances form and function while showcasing modern simplicity.

Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial Interior Design
screenshot of interior design website

In 2021, Robern partnered with RCD on a project called Spire, a luxury high-rise hotel in Seattle. RCD were responsible for designing the interiors of the entire building, selecting everything from lighting and storage to mirrors for the modern bathroom spaces.

Brad Ford ID

screenshot of interior design website

Brad Ford ID is a New York-based interior design firm that specializes in creating rustic and modern designs. Founder Brad Ford is known for his ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements to create spaces that are both warm and sophisticated.

Understated Sophistication

As a residential interior design firm, Brad ford ID creates understated, elegant, and comfortable interiors that blend classic and modern elements. The founder and principal designer, Brad Ford, and his team believe in designing spaces that are timeless and functional.

Todd Merrill Studio

Todd Merrill Studio is a contemporary fine art and design gallery with locations in the heart of New York City and in the charming village of Southampton. The studio showcases works by emerging and established artists in the fields of fine art, sculpture, furniture design, and home accessories.

Best for Expertise In Fine Art
screenshot of interior design website

The renovated Wooley House in Southampton features a lower-level club room designed in collaboration with Todd Merril. The space is filled with bespoke furnishings that merge fine art, craftsmanship, and design. Robern’s modular Cartesian vanity was included in a modern satin bronze finish.

Melanie Roy Design

screenshot of interior design website

Melanie Roy Design is a full-service interior design company that collaborated with us at Robern and the team at Todd Merril Studios in designing the aforementioned Wooley House.  

Luxurious Functionality

One of Melanie's strengths is her ability to design for both beauty and functionality. She understands that an interior should not only look great but also serve a practical purpose. She pays close attention to the layout of each space, ensuring that it not only looks great but also functions well for the client's needs.

Axel Vervoordt Company

As a world-renowned art gallery, Axel Vervoordt Company also offers a specialized interior design service. The firm is led by Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, whose designs are calming and full of natural materials.

Inspirational Literature
screenshot of interior design website

The firm’s website showcases many books authored by its namesake visionary Axel Vervoordt. These books offer tangible insights and stunning photographs. Literature ranges from the firm’s approach to Wabi-Sabi style and a photobook of its global projects in England, Italy, and Spain—just to name a few.

Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo is a photographer and lifestyle expert who has expanded her creative talents into the world of interior design. She believes in creating beautiful interiors that provide a functional environment for her clients.

Best for a Playful and Inviting Aesthetic
screenshot of interior design website

Lucy collaborated with 24 other designers during the renovation of the 19th-century Long Island farmhouse known Wooley House. In creating the powder room, Cuneo paid close attention to both form and function, selecting pieces that not only looked beautiful but also served a practical purpose. For example, she chose a Robern Vitality lighted mirror and Cartesian vanity to provide bright task lighting and functional storage.

Innovative and Functional Design Experts

Whether you prefer contemporary or modern style, you deserve to customize your interior project to your personal tastes. Schedule a design consultation with our concierge team for expert advice on bespoke design.

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