7 Bathroom Organization Ideas

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March 7, 2023
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Clean and convenient organization is key to keeping your bathroom beautiful and functional. And for more than 50 years, Robern has been reinventing standard medicine cabinets and vanities, elevating these utilitarian pieces into sophisticated and coveted décor.

From affordable accessories to full remodels, explore our bathroom organization ideas with pictures to maximize your space.

Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

two open bathroom vanity drawers with divided sections and glass organization bins for soaps, lotions, and towels

The vanity is often the focal point of getting ready in the morning, so the countertop is often cluttered with amenities for beautifying and grooming. With the right tools and inspiration, you can organize your bathroom vanity for ultimate efficiency and cleanliness.

In the above picture, the vanity cabinet is outfitted with drawer inserts, providing easy access to smaller items and saving you from digging through clutter.

Integrated Outlet for Vanity Drawers

open vanity drawer showing hair dryer plugged into an integrated outlet

Streamline your morning routine with convenient in-drawer electrical outlets. The Robern electric accessory for vanities offers convenient 120-volt, GFCI-protected charging for items such as electric razors, hair dryers, and curling irons.  

Along with three plugs, this electric accessory features a switch that turns off power to the entire unit to allow devices to be safely plugged in while you are away.

Glass Bins for DIY Vanity Organization

vanity drawer open with towels, hairbrushes, and soaps

Glass storage bins are a perfect storage solution for quick access to small items. Along with adding organization under the sink, you can also utilize glass bins in your medicine cabinet or on top of your counter.

Medicine Cabinet Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom

open mirrored medicine cabinet showing storage

Full of small items, the medicine cabinet can quickly get disorganized. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a mixture of shelves and accessories, you can optimize your medicine cabinet organization.  

Magnetic Storage

Keep scissors, razors, or metal makeup brushes off the counter with a magnetic storage strip in your medicine cabinet. Our magnet cabinet organization accessory keeps metal grooming tools secure, neatly arranged, and within convenient reach. This offers luxurious results even on a budget.

Even better, it’s adjustable along a horizontal track and features an effortless snap-in installation.  

storage inside bathroom medicine cabinet

Wire Organization

Nobody wants cords tangled up on the bathroom counter, especially if they’re near the faucet. Not only does charging an electric toothbrush, razor, or even a mobile phone on the countertop take up precious space, but it can also pose an electrical hazard.  

By installing a wire organizer and integrated outlet into your medicine cabinet, you free up clutter, creating a clean and safe environment.  

Design your space around you.

For over 50 years, Robern has been fusing unparalleled style with innovative functionality to make your everyday routines feel effortless. Transform your bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication with Robern.


Bathroom Organization Ideas With Linen Cabinets

marble bathroom with white linen cabinet storing towels

In terms of small bathroom ideas, few things are more practical than linen cabinets. These bathroom organizational cabinets come in multiple configurations, from open and closed shelves to three or five shelves.  

This white and gold linen cabinet features two doors, three adjustable shelves for interior storage, and a single open shelf on the bottom, perfect for showing off your décor touches.

Open Design for Convenience and Décor

black bathroom with chrome cabinet storing amenities

An open-shelf design allows for easy reach and opportunities for adding decorative elements. This three-shelf linen cabinet features a grooming bag on the bottom, books and decorations in the middle, and self-care amenities on top.  

Tall and Open Storage

blue bathroom with brown linen cabinets

Keep everything in sight and within reach with a towering, open-shelf cabinet. With five shelves and a mini drawer, this freestanding linen cabinet offers spacious storage on a fully welded stainless steel frame, tapered legs, and adjustable leveling feet.  

Textured Wood Linen Cabinet

close up of black oak cabinet showing texture of wood and brass recessed handle

For a rustic yet modern approach, consider a black oak cabinet with brushed metal accents. Pair with a matching vanity for a coordinated look.

Create the Clutter-Free Bathroom You Deserve

bathroom with black oak cabinets and gold accents

Vanities, medicine cabinets, and linen cabinets are practical and stylish options for large and small bathroom organization ideas alike. Our products are designed to be tailored to your unique lifestyle and preferences. This is the essence of bespoke design.

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship, meaningful innovation, and luxurious functionality of Robern bathroom storage solutions online, or experience quality first-hand at a local showroom.

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